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gardening inside

Let’s talk about gardening!

I used to live in the big city, in the big city I didn’t do much gardening, exept for that one year when my dad and I tried to grow tomatos on our porch on the fifth floor and the tomatos took over our porch and we eventually killed the plants on purpose, cause it was either the tomatos or us.

But then I moved here, and I got this huge garden, and I had to learn how to grow stuff. Our garden is rather challenging, as most of it is hillside /askew, and I also live in the middle of this viking country, wich means it’s not exactly sahara temperatures here, and there can be a lot of rain.

It’s been a lot of learning, a lot of reading (my favourite book is a huge book I have called The Herb bible, i loves it!) and our garden is a neverending project. My project for this year is to have a little salad garden in our back yard, with spinach and rapid salad and such. Last year i tried growing cucumbers, I started a little late, cause they grew, but never got ripe, so I’m trying again this year. Other new things this year: chilli, spinach, and this fall we planted a lot of new tulips. I have a herb garden wich I love, with peppermint, lemon balm, thyme,lavendel and oregano. Might add some basil this yearh, but last year it died on me. We also have two apple trees, raspberry and a cherry trea.

It’s still snow here, but you have to start early, so last week I did some gardening inside

Trying a new type of cherry tomatos this year, it has black stripes, oooh, exciting! I really hope the broccoli will grow this year, been trying and trying.

please grow up to be yummyness!

white outside, hopefully soon green inside

and I have to show you my pride and joy and baby. I actually have two, but the other one has not woken up from its winter sleep yet. Last year I tried to grow bell peppers, the long ones, not the normal round ones, and they grew! We had bell peppers all summer. During the fall it looked like it died, then it suddenly woke up and gave us more peppers, then it went to sleep again, and now it’s awake again. Today I saw that the flower was in bloom, so I have one bell pepper on the way.

I’m so proud of this!

so while I wait for spring to arrive, I water my precious seeds hoping the snow melts and we can start preparing our garden soon.




I’m sick.

I got this stupid cold that’s made my tonsils huge, my voice sounding like a drunken sailor, and my energy dropping to zero.

If I wasn’t sick, I’d do that entry I’ve been planning, about the gardening inside I did last week, cause that’s much more fun to read about than me being sick.

I hate the fact that one gets reduced to this lump of complaining while sick, cause I’m not really that complaining (well..)

This entry is of course written so that you can shower me with sympathy, cause as we all know, having a cold is sorta like the end of the world. I do get a lot of knitting done though, endless rows of stockingnette on my top that I’m making. And I do get to watch a lot of quality tv, like Rachael Ray show, Say yes to the dress, and Dr Phil.

Just to illustrate how sick I am (so you won’t think I’m complaining about nothing) here’s a list of my worst symptoms:

– I downloaded a movie involving Gwyneth Paltrow and country music, and I plan to watch it. (I don’t really like miss Paltrow nor country music)

– I’ve invented two new words for snot. (one of them is nose vomit)

– I’ve lost my apetite, wich means I dont crave chocolate, white wine, or ice cream! (I actually threw away ice cream half eaten yesterday)

– I can’t yell at my boyfriend cause I hardly have any voice (but yesterday I pointed my finger at him, not as effective as yelling)

– I’ve been wearing the same clothes since sunday (pyjamas pants, a robe, and a top that says bad temper)


so yeah, as you can see, sympathy is needed. Just saying..

Let the scones be scones

I think my problem with scones is that in my mind I really want them to taste like bread rolls, and I sorta expect them to taste like bread rolls, so when I have a scone I just get so dissapointed, cause ugh they just taste baking powder!

That’s not really fair, that’s like having pai and expecting it to taste like pizza just because they both have cheese and crust.  I want to be fair, and I want to like scones, so I decided to give scones another chance. I googled around til I found a recipie (I was about to write pattern instead of recipie, my mind thinks too much knitting) that was as simple as a piece ofcake, and then I baked scones with a nice girl.


I baked them in my cupcake tray, just because.


and we had tea and cheese and yummy


and a cow and a pig



the scones? oh they were lovely! They didn’t taste baking powder at all, they tasted scones, like they should! :)



So, let’s say there’s a storm outside. Let’s say the wind is howling, and you’re inside drinking herbal tea, and you’ve just finished a big knitting project, and you’re happy, cause finishing a projects means you can start a new one!

Let’s say you find a perfect pattern that you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Let’s say the pattern calls for 4mm 40 cm needles, but you can’t find any. You go to Ravelry, cause Rav is your memory, and you see that all your 4mm 40cm needles are busy hanging with yarn and being UFO’s.

what do you d0?

do you

A: think “gee, that’s a lot of unfinished knitting, I better finish some of those projects before I start a new one, and with the storm raging outside? better stay in and finish knitting!”

or do you

B: ask your better half if he can drive you to the store so you can buy needles, knowing he’ll say yes, cause it’s the international women’s day, and your better half is a politican who actually celebrates woman’s day, and therefore don’t say no to you on such a day. (he even bought you flowers and chocolate, yey for politics man)



if your answer is A, you’re probably not a knitter..

my weekend was..

I looked at my schedual on friday and gasped a bit, cause yikes the next two-three weeks are hectic! So I decided that this weekend was gonna be all other than hectic, and I had a really nice calm weekend,filled with nice things.

My weekend was:

studying for my drivers exam


cuddling (here represented by one of my cats, he’s a good representer of cuddling!)



planning spring while ignoring all the snow outside






sending a birthday gift to my sister




(hoped to finish this during the weekend, but no, it’s the neverending west. I thougt bulky yarn was fast to knit with, but not this one!)




And then I baked. Cause today sunday, is Fastelavn here in Norway.  I did some wikipediing, and it’s pretty much the same as shrovetide and mardi gras. One of the traditions is to eat buns with cream, and so we did, but first I had to make them. I also made cinnamon buns, because I love cinnamon buns much more than buns with cream. (I might love cinnamon buns much more than some people I know, but lets not get into that)


boller med krem (thats norwegian for buns with whipped cream)



I found some cinnamon sticks I didn’t know I had and decided to mash them in my morter. And I felt like the best housewife ever, I thought “step aside Martha Stewart, look at me!” look at me making cinnamon buns with cinnamon that I am crushing into powder! Later I’m gonna find myself a cow and milk my own milk that I’m gonna whip my own cream from.(and in case you didn’t know; when making cinnamon powder one might sneeze cinnamon for the rest of the day, and one might even squeel a little when wiping ones nose..)


I’m getting housewifepoints for this!





more nomnomnom



what was your weekend?




swappy happy!

I got a text a couple of weeks ago, from my friend Hannah where she asked me if I wanted to do a swap, cause she wanted mail. Concidering Hannah is a knitter and candy lover like me, I could only say yes! So I suggested a “yarn we already have in our stash, and candy-swap”. She was of course totally with me on that one, and yesterday I got my yarn.


Never tried Regia before, and look at that pretty hacho! I also got candy, but that’s gone of course. Like I can have chocolate in the house and not eat it.

But even better than the swappy joy, is the upcoming swappy joys. Cause I suggested for Hannah that we’d make advent calendars for eachother this december, a “all things knitting related, and candy-calendar” and she was all YES YES WOHO, and I know it’s march, but I’m planning, and I love planning, and I can’t wait til december. yey weee woho.

I’m planning lots of blogging, I have all these ideas in my head, but in between spending too much time on Ravelry just browsing, family, work, housewifing and knitting, I’m having a hard time finding the time, but it’s just priorities. I tend to spend too much time doing nothing. (meaning painting my nails in crazy colours and getting lost on the internet)

have a good weekend, all! :)

hadet på badet! (that’s norwegian for goodbye on the bathroom. don’t ask)