my weekend was..

I looked at my schedual on friday and gasped a bit, cause yikes the next two-three weeks are hectic! So I decided that this weekend was gonna be all other than hectic, and I had a really nice calm weekend,filled with nice things.

My weekend was:

studying for my drivers exam


cuddling (here represented by one of my cats, he’s a good representer of cuddling!)



planning spring while ignoring all the snow outside






sending a birthday gift to my sister




(hoped to finish this during the weekend, but no, it’s the neverending west. I thougt bulky yarn was fast to knit with, but not this one!)




And then I baked. Cause today sunday, is Fastelavn here in Norway.  I did some wikipediing, and it’s pretty much the same as shrovetide and mardi gras. One of the traditions is to eat buns with cream, and so we did, but first I had to make them. I also made cinnamon buns, because I love cinnamon buns much more than buns with cream. (I might love cinnamon buns much more than some people I know, but lets not get into that)


boller med krem (thats norwegian for buns with whipped cream)



I found some cinnamon sticks I didn’t know I had and decided to mash them in my morter. And I felt like the best housewife ever, I thought “step aside Martha Stewart, look at me!” look at me making cinnamon buns with cinnamon that I am crushing into powder! Later I’m gonna find myself a cow and milk my own milk that I’m gonna whip my own cream from.(and in case you didn’t know; when making cinnamon powder one might sneeze cinnamon for the rest of the day, and one might even squeel a little when wiping ones nose..)


I’m getting housewifepoints for this!





more nomnomnom



what was your weekend?





4 responses to this post.

  1. I think I love Norway!


  2. Posted by lengsel on March 6, 2011 at 19:42



  3. Well, read and you´ll know :)

    I also like boilla me kræm more than some people.. I also like boilla utn kræm more than some people.. but I don´t know if that says anythng about me or the kræm..


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