Let the scones be scones

I think my problem with scones is that in my mind I really want them to taste like bread rolls, and I sorta expect them to taste like bread rolls, so when I have a scone I just get so dissapointed, cause ugh they just taste baking powder!

That’s not really fair, that’s like having pai and expecting it to taste like pizza just because they both have cheese and crust.  I want to be fair, and I want to like scones, so I decided to give scones another chance. I googled around til I found a recipie (I was about to write pattern instead of recipie, my mind thinks too much knitting) that was as simple as a piece ofcake, and then I baked scones with a nice girl.


I baked them in my cupcake tray, just because.


and we had tea and cheese and yummy


and a cow and a pig



the scones? oh they were lovely! They didn’t taste baking powder at all, they tasted scones, like they should! :)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Tenkte på deg når jeg så denne: http://pinterest.com/pin/5774594/ :) Hihi!


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