I’m sick.

I got this stupid cold that’s made my tonsils huge, my voice sounding like a drunken sailor, and my energy dropping to zero.

If I wasn’t sick, I’d do that entry I’ve been planning, about the gardening inside I did last week, cause that’s much more fun to read about than me being sick.

I hate the fact that one gets reduced to this lump of complaining while sick, cause I’m not really that complaining (well..)

This entry is of course written so that you can shower me with sympathy, cause as we all know, having a cold is sorta like the end of the world. I do get a lot of knitting done though, endless rows of stockingnette on my top that I’m making. And I do get to watch a lot of quality tv, like Rachael Ray show, Say yes to the dress, and Dr Phil.

Just to illustrate how sick I am (so you won’t think I’m complaining about nothing) here’s a list of my worst symptoms:

– I downloaded a movie involving Gwyneth Paltrow and country music, and I plan to watch it. (I don’t really like miss Paltrow nor country music)

– I’ve invented two new words for snot. (one of them is nose vomit)

– I’ve lost my apetite, wich means I dont crave chocolate, white wine, or ice cream! (I actually threw away ice cream half eaten yesterday)

– I can’t yell at my boyfriend cause I hardly have any voice (but yesterday I pointed my finger at him, not as effective as yelling)

– I’ve been wearing the same clothes since sunday (pyjamas pants, a robe, and a top that says bad temper)


so yeah, as you can see, sympathy is needed. Just saying..


2 responses to this post.

  1. “but yesterday I pointed my finger at him” Hahaha :D

    Neida, skal ikke le av deg, goood bedring søta :)


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