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My lack of posting here is not caused by blog boredom this time, I’ve just been super busy the last two weeks, too busy. But now I actually have 10 days of easter vacation! Or knitcation as I like to call it. I do have to some work stuff that needs to be done, and there’s a chance work might call me in, but I dont have any evening meetings, and I dont have a full scheduale. Hello there vacation!

So what’s been going on since the last time I dropped by? well, let’s see

I’ve knitted a very very yellow scarf. It’s my easter scarf

I’ve finished a cute top with puffed sleeves! (it still needs its ends woven in, and a wash and block, but the knitting part is done!)

The snow dissapeared! woho! So i’ve been getting a lot of gardening done, and inside the tomatos and chilli and broccoli and well, everything, is growing. Spring <3

I got a 10% discount on yarn at a store here in my town, the yarn was not on sale or anything, the lady was just being nice! <3

Cashmere alpakka might be the solution to everything, it’s softer than a baby butt, and I want to knit a field and lie there forever, ca.

My plans for easter is to work in the garden, stuff my face with chocolate and wine, go for long walks with my dog,  bake yumminess and throw a party for a girl that turns 12, start the barbecue season, and of course knit. Mostly on this:

The red stuff on the left is my first big lace shawl. I started it in december. It’s not very hard or anything, but it does require some concentration, its not a typical tv-knit, or ‘the kids running around in the living room-knit.’. I’m in no hurry, and I’m about halfway.  The yarn on the left is the lovely Abuelita worsted. It’s gonna be this>

I’m doing it as a KAL with my sosterkone-german-now UK-resident-OPA-friend Nattie. (Its a free monster!) I’m gonna do the sleeves long,  and I’m gonna do the shaping. Looking forward to make my first long sleeved big garment!

what are your plans for easter?

God påske! (thats norwegian for happy easter)