I used to paint, you know. I used to go to school and indulge in colours and tequniqes and cave paintings and shaddowing. I wrote a paper on Rene Margritte, because a pipe is not a pipe.

I used to stay up until 4 in the night, chain smoking and getting woozy on acrylic paint while singing to Garbage. (when I grow up I will be stable)

I used to draw. I went to the river, and found myself a tree, and draw it, like ten times or more.

Then, well, I dont know. Grow up happened? Family happened? Kids and work and dinner lists and could he just take out the trash for gods sake! happened.

I quit smoking last summer (I drink wine instead, and eat Haribo wine gums, lots of wine, lots of wine gums, thats how you quit smoking, oh and baby carrots! Yeah, go get yourself a baby carrot and get rid of your smelly habit!) and I go to bet at 11.

I miss painting. I miss drawing. I have all my stuff in the basement and I’ll go down there once in a while, try to paint something, try to chain eat baby carrots and paint and listen to Pearl Jam.

I collect pigs, all things pig. When I was a little girl my older sister was all about saving the dolphins and the whales and she started to collect all things whale and dolphin. I felt sorry for the pigs, like really really sorry, pigs have such a bad reputation, dont you think? I started to collect them. And I haven’t really stopped. Now there’s pigs everywhere in the house. The majority of my collection is in the basement, but if you ask the man I share a bed with, he’ll probably say that the collection is taken over the house. That might have something to do with the pig poster on our bathroom door, or the ice cream scoop shaped like a pig, or the pot holders shaped like a pig, or my neverending collection of tea cups with pigs on it, or the pig stickers I put on my belongings.

I got yarn everywhere too. Remember when you’ve just started knitting, and you had like ten or fifteen skeins of yarn, and you called it your huge stash? You refered to it as lots of yarn. Oh, good times, huh? My stash consists of, well I suck at math, so lets not get into that. But its everywhere. In the livingroom theres like 2-3 baskets. In our bedroom I took the cd’s out of the cd racks (who uses cd’s anyway? It’s soo the 90’s!) and put yarn there instead. I have bags under my bed with yarn. My stash is chaos, and I just recently understood why Ravelry’s stash pages has a “stored in” category.

But, oh but but but, you know what? I’ll be getting a hobby room! Sometime during july or august, I will get a room to have my yarn in, my art books in, my acryl painting in, my aquarelle pencils, my pig collection,my wine gum. We are re-arranging, the kids will get new rooms, and the room that the girl has will be mine. It’s a relativly small room, with no natural light /no windows, wich will be a challenge paintwise, but hello lots of lamps. Attached to this room is another little room thingy. The girl has used it as a walk in closset. I will use it as a walk in yarn room! I’m getting a yarn room!! Like omg omg omg, squeeeel. (I need a baby carrot to calm me down!)

I am really looking forward to this, I am planning and writing lists (Have I told you how much I love writing lists and planning? I love it almost as much as wine gums) . I’m gonna paint the room purple. ( I hope the girl forgets to take down her Hannah Montana poster so I can splat paint in Mily Cyrus face) I havent decided on what kind of purple yet, but I got colour samples. (Have I told you how much I hate making desicions? Almost as much as I hate Hannah Montana) The room has a huge desk, that I’m thinking about painting grey. I’m gonna have an old couch there, so the room will also due as a guest room when whe have guests. (we dont really have much guests, we’re not people persons. We hardly like eachother) I will go to the thrift store to buy a nice chair ( I really want a rocking chair, because they rock, and I’ve always wanted one, but they are hard to come by) and a little table. And I’m gonna knit a purple and grey striped chevron blanket for the room, because the room needs a welcome present. Hello room, welcome, relax, have a baby carrot and some wine gum, the red ones are the best.

I can’t wait!

Oh, and here’s a picture of my dog, just because you cant have a blog post without a picture.


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