summer reading happened so fast



According to the papers, the magazines, the online bookstores, the bookstore on the corner, we are supposed to not use our brains during summer. Summer reading should feel like a summer breeze: cool and soft. You should read Sophie Kinsella, you should read crime, and how about a little selfhelp book to make you feel a bit better about that bikini body you’re flashing on the beach.

Well, I tottal disagree!!

I could not disagreed more! Seriosly, why on earth should I drown myself in mindless gibberish just because its summer? Why should I read a mindless books with 220 pages that takes me a day at the beach to finish, when I can indulge in a brick with 550 pages that takes me a week in my garden to finish. My summer books are always thick bricks. Last summer I read Shantaram, the year before that it was The story of Edgar Sawtelle, the year before that a huge book by Anna Gavalda. I don’t remember all this because I have super brain power (well..) but because the books were not mindless and took me more than a couple of hours to read. Why is it that we have to loose our brainpower during summer? I just don’t get.


These are my summer reads this year:


Johan Harstad: Buzz Aldrin hvor ble det av deg i alt mylderet.

I started this a week ago, and I’ve read around 200 pages already.

(the title can be translated to something along the lines of Buzz aldrin where did you go)

My older sister gave me this for my birthday years ago, my younger sister wrote a paper about it a couple of years ago. I’m caving in for family pressure and finally reading this. It’s about a man, who gets depressed, and goes to the faroe islands, to a sort of rehab-centre with other depressed. (oh doesen’t this sound depressing)

Ingrid Betancourt even the silence has to end

I’m really looking forward to reading this. I hope I will learn more about the FARC, the conflict, and also how she coped during those years as a hostage.


 Rohinton Mistry the balancing act

I’ve heard great things about this book, people say it’s mindblowing. I certanly hope so!









(Oh, look at Ida, she’s judging everyone who reads crime, she think she’s so smart. Look at her with her Kafka book pretending she gets it)


please do

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