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gawking in the heat

Hola from the heat! Gosh its soo hot today! I’m all dizzy from the heat. How are you today?

Blogging live from my new office/hobby room/guest room now. Its finally finished!. Yes there will be pictures, but not right now, I have taken lots of before and after shots during the process, a blog post about it all will come sometime next week. (be patient, Hannah! ;-) ) I haven’t gotten around to post my vacation pictures yet either, and I have so many FO’s to show you that I should have a FO week or something. A little behind on my blogging, sorry about that, but it looks like things are calming down now.

What I wanted to share with you today is some websites I’ve discovered recently.

The first one is Pinterest. Yeah, I finally got an account. I’m not all wow amazing ooh genius about it yet, but maybe I’ll get there. It’s a pretty site, no doubt about that, but I feel like all the pictures people are pinning should be getting more credit, this is a site where you just pin random images, most of them copyrighted. People have taken effort in making pretty pictures, and I think that the photographer/maker/artist should be more visible on the pictures, or at least on the front page. I dunno..

you can find me under the nick lengsel_knits. (same nick as I use on twitter, feel free to follow me.You need an invite to have access to pinterst, but all I did was go on the page, type in my email address, and 5 minutes later I was in.


Two other sites I want to mention is the gawking sites. Have you been there? Oh I love them! I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to discover those sites! There are several of them, one for wedding, one for design, but my favorites are the foodgawker and the craftgawker. I spent way too much time on Friday on foodgawker, faving lots of recipes, I have plans to try several of them next week. The craftgawker is also a wonderful site, lots of DIY projects. I stumbled across some pretty origami stars there, that inspired me to try origami for the first time today. I took pictures of the result, but flickr is being stupid right now. Don’t know if origami is for me though, it requires patience and you have to be precise, two qualities I don’t really have ;-)  they say that practice makes perfect, but I’ve never really gotten to the practice part, but when it comes to these stars, they are so pretty. Just google origami stars and you see what I mean. So I am going to practice until I have lots of lots of tiny stars.

Go and gawk!


And since flickr is being dumb, here’s a picture of my cat with a yarn halo. He’s a yarn angel.



ferie is norwegian for vacation

I’m on vacation.

tomorrow I won’t have internet. tomorrow it’s friday, follow friday. I think you should follow the sun.

for the last week I’ve been busy doing this:

(thats not my dog, I’m borrowing it while I’m missing my dog at home)

Follow friday

Because she’s as devoted to knitting as I am

Because apart from the man I live with she’s the best thing I have found on the internet and met in real life

Because she has the kindest nicest voice and dialect

Because she lets me call her answering maching and ramble on (and on and on)

Because she had more patience with me when I started knitting, than I will ever have with someone

Because she sends me nice surprises in the mail

..I think you should follow Hannah

summer knitting, happend so fast


summer knitting, vacation knitting.

There’s a difference between those two. I find the last one to be the most difficult. Your summer knit is the knitting you knit on your porch on lazy summer evenings or in the garden during the day when you need a break from the book you’re reading. It’s what you knit when the rain is pouring and the kids are claiming they are bored to death. My summer knitting is planned: I have high ambitions on finishing the shawl I started in December (and that I might said I would finish during easter) I am going to knit a lovely hat in a lovely yarn I haven’t tried before. I have some fingerless gloves I want to knit in a yarn I got from a friend, and I’ve just finished a cosy mohair thingy.

Vacation knit on the other hand, well that’s tricky. There’s so much to consider! Where are you going, how will you be traveling, what will the weather be, who are you spending your vacation with (if it’s your mother in law; bring lots of knitting!) will there be yarn shops nearby? And so on. When you’ve answered those questions you can start to really think about what you will knit.

So this is my situation: 7 hour drive, where my better half will be doing most of the driving. I’ve never been a car knitter. I bring knitting, but I always end up sleeping with my face smooched over the side door window. I also think that car driving seems a bit dangerous. Maybe it’s the Norwegian roads, maybe it’s my better half driving skills, but I’m always afraid I’ll end up with a 3mm needle through my kidneys. Oh well, were was I, yeah, 7 hour drive, we’ll be staying 4 days at my mom’s place, then 2-3 days at her cabin. There will be yarn shops near by the first 4 days, there will be shopping, visiting, talking, doing stuff. I need something that’s easy to knit while talking or watching TV, but I also need it to occupy my mind when I need a break from all the talking.

I don’t think I will be bringing any yarn for other than my projects this time. (And that’s a first! Do I get a price?) But I might bring some needles, just in case I buy some new lovely yarn that wants to be knitted with immediately

I am going to knit the shalom cardigan and the zig zag bedspread.  The shalom has been in my queue forever, but I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate summer knit, since it requires bulky yarn, but then I remembered that I will be spending my summer here in Norway, and that I wore a scarf two days ago, and that bulky yarn will be just fine. I choose Alfa from Sandnes garn, which I find to be a rather bold choice, since I have not knitted anything with it before. I choose beige. Oh there I go again with my boring beige. I always end up with beige or grey, even though blue and purple are my favorite colors. But beige and grey goes with everything! The zig zag. Well what do I have to say in my defense? Because let’s just take a moment and remeniss my blanket knitting history, shall we? 2 years ago I knitted my first blanket, a blanket for my grandmother (funny coincidence; that was also a pickles pattern, very similar to the zig zag) and after that, have I knitted any blankets? Well… I’ve started some. Some being around five. At the moment I think I have 2 or 3 ufo-blankets laying around somewhere. But let’s ignore those, and talk about the zigzag again. I have already started it, and it’s such a great pattern! Only a two row pattern repeat, that is super easy to remember, I can talk and knit at the same time. I am using acrylics. (omg, did she just write acryl?? Seriously?! Like as in the yarn? She’s knitting with it?) the blanket will be in my new hobby room, so the colours will be matching the walls. I am knitting it in light grey (oh, there’s the gray again) dark gray and purple, and it’s going to be a smashing looking acrylic art peace!

Links to the patterns:   (scroll down a bit, and you’ll find the download button on your right)

So there you have it, my vacation knitting, and my summer knitting. Have a great summer!