vacation pics!


just wanted to share some picture glimps from my vacation, so here goes:

(you can click on the images to make them larger. its magic!)


this is my mothers boyfriends dog. Her name is Sanna, and she is the breed vorsteh. Me being a knitter I of course named her sanna the worsted dog.












this is cava. If you are on vacation you should drink cava in the middle of the day, just because you are on vacation












this is my new polkadot dress that I bought on vacation. You should buy yourself a new dress when you are on vacation!












this is me and my grandmothers feets. My 91 year old grandma also likes polkadots, as she is the one wearing polkadot socks










this is my mother’s moose. You mother dont own a moose? well then my mother is cooler than yours. (not really, my mothers moose creeps me out!)





















this is my addiction (I’m on haribo rehab at the moment, it’s so hard! I really miss the cola flavoured ones :-/ )










this is pretty nature


















This is my mothers dog Nemi. She is a bruise machine who likes to step on my legs










This is the worlds longest car tunnel. (24,5 km, 15.2 miles) It’s not blue all the way, but it’s blue here and there so the driver won’t fall asleep and kids won’t be bored to death.












This, well this is a very stupid person! dont try this at home. (I kept hoping for a tree.. no I didn’t, well maybe I did )




4 responses to this post.

  1. best vacation post ever. I love it. Also, it took me forever to realize that person’s foot is outside of the car.


  2. Posted by lengsel on August 3, 2011 at 12:54

    haha, thanks!

    that person sat (or layed) like that for a very long time. At least the leg moved, or it would have been very scary ;-)


  3. joa, fine sånne feriebilder, men rommet da? hæ? hæ?


  4. Posted by lengsel on August 3, 2011 at 17:50

    ikke før du ler av worsted vitsen min :(

    nei men ting må jo være i riktig rekkefølge! jeg kunne ikke ta rom før feriebilder, når jeg dro på ferie før rom! hallo liksom. det hadde jo tulla til ocd-hodet mitt fullstendig. Alle veier fører til rom, men rom var ikke bygd på en dag. mhm.


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