My new room!

Last Friday I got a new room. A hobby room, a guest room, an office. Well actually I got two rooms, cause attached to this room is another room, with shelves and floor space. Just the perfect size for my stash. (And for you none knitters out there; by stash I mean my yarn)

We were up for a challenge; in two weeks we were going to fix 3 rooms, painting, flooring, new furniture, all this on a budged and while my better half was working full time. Challenging indeed. I won’t talk much about the other rooms, or show pictures of them, since those rooms belong to the kids, and I respect their privacy, but they are very happy and pleased with their new rooms J

As for my room I was up for a big challenge. The room has 3 doors, and no windows, it also has a lot of wiring that can’t be removed, and a concrete wall that can not be painted. Yeah.. Since I already had most of the furniture, and a huge desk stood in the room already this was not that expensive. The most expensive part was the floor. I also bought paint for the walls, doors, and desk, and I bought a new bookshelf. For the yarn room I bought 10 boxes to store my yarn in.

What I wanted from this room was a lot. I have several of hobbies besides knitting, (I’ve only been knitting for 3 years, before knitting I was quite a crafty person) so the room had to be place where I can paint pictures, draw, make Christmas gifts and decorations. I also have plans of buying a sewing machine soon that will be placed in the room. In addition to be a room where I can be crafty it also needed to be a room where we can have guests. We don’t have guests often, but when we do it would be nice to let them stay in another room than the kids rooms. As for now there is an old bed in the room, but I am on the lookout for a fold out bed. So that’s two things, but why stop there, the room will also serve as an office, since it’s the only place where I have access to a desk, and I work a lot from home. Sometimes the dinner table don’t require enough home office privacy.

For my creative self to work I need inspiration, for me that means pictures, paintings and postcard, alas my walls is full of random pictures. You might find it messy, I find it very inspirational.

All in all I love this room. I’m proud of that what I’ve done (with thanks to the girl for helping me paint, and thanks to the man for fixing the floor) and at such low cost. I especially love the floor, which I wasn’t sure would work, but it totally does. I look forward to use this room, and to have guests in it. Its also great to finally have all my yarn in one place.

As you can imagine, taking pictures in a room with now natural lighting is not an easy task, using flash don’t show the room as it is, therefore the quality of the pictures will vary a lot, some are taken with flash, some are not, and might be blurry. But enough blabbering, I know you want to see, so here goes

(click on the images to make them larger, its magic!)

this is what I had to work with:












the little room attached to it, hello yarn room!












oh my










I bought boxes for my yarn and took it out from all the secret hiding places and realized what a yarn horder I am. Flash your stash!










and then I might have forgotten to take pictures for a while, so we have to skip the part where room is painted and without furniture and jump to the part where I am in the unpacking chaos, look: tadaaa!









peekabo yarn room!












temporary lables, will make pretty yarn lables later :-) sorted by fibre mostly, but sock yarn (and I dont even knit socks) and lace yarn got its own boxes. So did weird yarn such as, furry yarn,misc and polyester (!) yarn










:-D (this is for you, Hannah, well not the content, you wish! :p)










filling the desk










I collect all things pig :@










Starting to look like something











look at my floor!










An old Australia map on the door, cause I’ve always wanted to go there












and also; pigs fly










more flash your stash










This is Wilbur the wombat. I should knit him. Ravelry-Megan from down under gave him to me. He has traveled across the earth!










old tea cups that used to belong to my mother in the 80’s and 90’s. Cats and pastells! It’s kitchy and reminds me of my childhood.










new shelf! all my artbooks and knittingbooks













knitting books










art books. some of them very old and precious












I have a drawer full of paint :-D









and a christmas drawer










Hello there Vincent












good evening Franz










I bought tiny plants. Piglet is watching them for me









jars of buttons and stuff










My cat does this weird thing where he actually tips over when he’s happy. He’ll just flat out fall over to one side, here he’s just shown his hapiness over the new room and new floor.










pew, thats all! :)


4 responses to this post.

  1. VERY nice! It must feel great to have a room all to yourself! My yarn is everywhere; perhaps someday it will have a room too.


    • Posted by lengsel on August 11, 2011 at 11:17

      it is! I love it!

      yesterday when I needed some yarn for felting, I just walked down to my room and found the box that said felting yarn. easy peasy! I feel like being more creative and making more stuff now. I just need more hours in the day ;)


  2. Posted by northernnarratives on August 11, 2011 at 02:39

    Hi. Very nice to have a place for the things you love! Judy


    • Posted by lengsel on August 11, 2011 at 11:15

      it is! Its easier to be creative when you have it all organized in one place.

      thanks for dropping by. I visited your blog, I think I need to start following it, cause it had nature, gardening and yarn :D


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