FO week day two

Hello! How are you today? I hope you are having a good tuesday.

my tuesday is much better than my monday. I have two home made breads in the oven, cant wait to taste them. Tried out a new recipe. Sometimes i say pattern when I mean recipe. Like “where did I see that cookie pattern again, where did I put that pattern for that dressing” I knit too much.

Moving on! It’s day 2 of the finished object week, and today I have a sweater to show you, or a cardigan, I never really understood the difference.

Have you knitted a sweater yet? Of course you have. You’re a fearless knitter who knits sweaters.

I have been a knitter for 3 years, and this winter (well maybe it was more closer to spring, it was around Easter) I knitted my first sweater. I think as a knitter, you either do that right away, or you just don’t do it. many new knitters do a sweater as their second or third projects. Then you have people like me, who think they can never do that, making this big garment, all this yarn, so much at stake. It’s stupid to be afraid of sweater. Come on! Get yourself together!

I love lace, I started knitting lace very early, I don’t find lace scary at all, I find it comforting. But I do know a lot of people who have never tried lace, and who never will. I respect you, because you knit sweaters instead. My point is: if I can make a huge lace stole without freaking out in panic, I can certainly knit a sweater! And so I did. First I practiced, I made a west, a tunic, I learned about raglan, then I moved on to the puffed sleeved top, and after that I felt I was ready for a sweater.

It took a while to find the right sweater. I didn’t want it to be with too thin yarn on thin needles, because I didn’t want to lose courage and get sick of it during the knitting. A sweater is not an instant gratification project, but I sort of wanted it to be anyway. After deciding on the pattern I had to decide on yarn and color. To make it harder for myself the pattern I choose was for a stripy cardigan. I decided to go for my dear Abuelita yarn again, the worsted weight. I choose a dusty brown and grey.

I did not do many changes to the pattern; I did some shaping on the arms, smaller needles on neckline, and no waist shaping. I also made the arms longer, as I wanted it to be more of a ¾ length arms.

The result? I love it! I am proud of this and I keep waiting for cooler weather so I can wear this. The neckline is a little wide, and I am not sure what is best to wear underneath, but I could always knit a matching cowl from the leftover yarn. If you haven’t made a sweater yet you should try this, it’s not scary at all. I am ready to move on to a thinner yarn and needles-sweater now.

ravelry link to pattern:

link to pattern for those of you not on ravelry:

I used the Abuelita yarn merino worsted, and I knitted with needle 5mm, except for the neckline ribbing and the bottom ribbing , the sleeves where I used 4mm.


picture time! (click to enlarge, its still magic!)



















































Have a great tuesday! I’ll go and nom on hot bread now.


2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s a great looking sweater, I love the stripes. There are many people at our knitting group who have yet to be brave enough to knit a sweater. Good for you.


    • Posted by lengsel on August 18, 2011 at 13:47

      thank you :-)

      you should share the pattern with your knitting group. (oh i wish i was a part of a knitting group)


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