FO week day 3


I’m sad. My laptop died yesterday, well half of it, the screen broke. I am very attached to my laptop, cause all my friends live in it ;-) I dont know if I will get it back or what happens, I’ll know more later today. I did managed to take back up off of all my stuff, and I’m good at doing that regulary. Right now I am borrowing my mans computer, it has linux and it has nothing familiar and I think it sucks :p Oh well, I still wanted to continue my FO week, so I will try to do that.


I saw a lot of these around ravelry last year, I saved some of the patterns, but no one really stood out to me. So what do you do when you don’t like a pattern? Well you make your own! Its not really patterns either, I sort of made them up as I went. I went for happy colored sock yarn, and the jars are old pasta sauce jars and taco sauce jars. I guess you could use any jars, maybe mason jars and other bigger jars. I want to make some for the winter too, maybe for Christmas decorations in red and green yarn, to have inside? Very fast and fun project. I named mine tutti frutti jar cover cosy!

Yarn: Viking of Norway Sportsragg.  Needle:  6 mm.   I did not block them, I just sow them on straight after I made them


please do

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