FO week day 5


Hello! I still have no computer, this might take while. But we are still in FO week. My plan was to do a whole week and show you 7 things, but I havent gotten around to weave in ends and block the last item yet, and also I am very busy tomorrow, so we will skip day six tomorrow.



I love knitting hats. Hats are instant gratification, it’s soothing, knitting hats calms me down. When life gives me lemons, I make hats. If I have a busy week, or I am tired of a project, or if the world keeps dropping lemons on my head, I go and find a pattern for a hat, then I have 2-3 days when that hat is my quiet place, then the hat gets finished and I become myself again. Its so much cheaper than therapy! ;-)

This hat was a joy to make. Never tried the yarn before but I liked it a lot, and the pattern was very easy to follow. I blocked it too lightly, so I think I will block it again, to flatten the pattern a bit, I also knitted it on smaller needles than the pattern called for cause I’m a loose knitter. (hee)


I only have a Ravelry link to the pattern and you can find it here (there’s also  a matching cowl!)

Yarn: i used Rowan scottish tweed DK (previously known as Harris tweed) and 3mm needles. I used a little less than one skein, so this is a great one skein project.








2 responses to this post.

  1. Nice pattern, looks like it has cables in it.


    • Posted by lengsel on August 20, 2011 at 12:26

      yeah, it does look like its cables, but actually there is none. A cable illusion :-) I like that.


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