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Summer has passed, and so has my summer reading. What did you read this summer? As written here:   my plan was to read these books, and so I did. I also read a book after those. As for the moment my reading mojo is asleep again, which is frustrating. I am in between books, can’t seem to get into the ones I start, so I give them up. Aff. Oh well, I’ll just keep trying.

Here are my opinions about the books I read this summer:


Johan Harstad: Buzz Aldrin hvor ble det av deg I alt mylderet.

I dont know if this books is translated to English or not, so this is probably just interesting for my Scandinavian readers. Well, I had huge expectations, because many people I know have this as their favourite book. Did I end up disappointed? Well yeah, kinda. I felt it lacked drive, and it kept bugging me that all the things that happened was so unlikely! I know its fiction, but come on! I found the main character a bit annoying, I wanted to ask him to snap out of it. Cut your hair and get a job.

I did like the description of the faroe islands, they were well written and I could easily imagine the nature and scenery. And there are some moving parts, and some very well written parts. But all in all this book did not change me in the way I hoped, it did not move me or touched me the way I wanted it to. Norwegian television has made a tv series about this book, that starts soon, and I am looking forward to that, cause I think this book might make a better movie than a book.


Rohintron mistry: the balancing act.

Last summer I read Shantaram. reading this I feel like one should stick to one big book set in India, cause if you read more, you’ll end up comparing them, even though you don’t want to. I kept comparing this to shantaram even though I knew I shouldn’t. they are two very different books about different things. People say they have cried reading this book, that they couldn’t read another book for a long time afterwards. For me it did none of these things. It’s not a bad book, not at all, I really liked the beginning, when I got around the middle it went slow for a while, but then it got better. I think the problem with this book is me as a reader; I couldn’t stop comparing it to shantaram. You should read it, if you haven’t read shantaram!




Ingrid Betancourt even the silence has to end

We all know what happened to her, right? We know she was kidnapped by the FARC, and we know she was kept in captivity for a very long time. We know she was released, and that the story got a happy ending. Well, despite all these things this book was a page turner. I couldn’t stop reading, and when I didn’t read it I was thinking about it. I was wondering what Ingrid was doing in the jungle right now. Everyone should read this book, I was surprised over how much I liked it. It’s not as much about politics as it is about hope and courage. A very strong inspiring book to read. Go and read it!




honey, I’m hooome



I am back! Did anyone miss me?

My laptop died (I squeezed it to death.. don’t ask) and I was without a laptop for over 3 weeks. Thats like 40 years in laptop-addicted-person years. Just saying.

I’ve also been busy doing stuff like getting used to live a lactose free life (can someone just come up with a decent tasting chocolate thats not dark? seriosyly? and lactose free cheese doodles would be nice, plz!) and political campaigning. (I’m in the local council now, yey me. I wonder if one can knit during the meetings?) and sitting on the floor in my new yarn room. (I do that a lot, like disturbingly much, just sitting on the floor, staring at my stash, maybe cuddle some yarn. I call it meditation, you are free to call it with a diagnosis or a disorder)

things are still pretty busy around here now, but I will try to blog more often. Next week I’ll blog about the books I read this summer, cause I actually managed to read those 3 books I said I was gonna read. yey me.

And also, fall is here, autumn, and you know what that means: its “wear your knits-season!!” squeeeeel!

I’m gonna go and watch a movie now, with my man. We are having a crappy movie night. A crappy movie night is when you’ve had a exausting week and your brain needs to watch something that requiers very little focus, aka a crappy movie, a romantic comedy with a predictable end. I’ve downloaded Friends with benefits, cause I’ve heard you see Justin Timberlakes behind in it. (omg, nekkid Justin!)

oh, and also: I made cucumbers from scratch for the first time: