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swappy happy

I love candy. I would rather do a candy swap with you than a yarn swap. If I go to a country I never been to before I am more interested in the candy shops than the resturants. Thats how I roll.

On Ravelry there’s a lot of finns, nice people those Finland people, they made Nokia, they have vodka, sauna (portables too!), but do you know what they dont have. They dont have stratos! Stratos is a norwegian chocolate with air in it. Similar to the chocolate aero, but much better (I know this cause I have tasted aero).  Well, the finns kept on complaning about the lack of stratos, and I kept on rubbing it in that my country have oil, a handsome priminister, and stratooos. After rubbing it in for a while I say to one of the finns that hey, I could always send you some, no problem. Then this sorta evolved to a candy swap, and we ended up being a bunch of people sending candy to eacother. I sent to the sauna girls couple, then another sweet finn girl that only likes me for my stratos, and my deutche UK girl, Nattie. I have recieved two of the swap goodies, so this is a “look at my candy” post.  I loved this swap, and I wouldnt hesitate doing it again. I also made a deal with the finns to send them extra stratos if they sended some salmiak (salmiyuck) to my man, cause finland is known for their salmiakk, and my man is known for eating it. (I am known for refusing to kiss him when he has eaten it) good deal, happy man. The kids is also very intruged that I, a grown up woman sends and recives candy with other grown ups, I bet they cant wait to be grown ups now!

the first swappy happy actually came on my birthday some weeks ago. great timing! It was from the girl who only likes me for my stratos, and this is what I got:

green balls! Finland is known for its green balls, i am so fascinated by it, its shape, the taste, the texture. It also welcomes a lot of ball jokes, so we’ve been having a ball making ball jokes around here lately.

(yeah, maybe I tasted some before I took picture)  (all pics are click to englarge, maaagic!)












chocolate, moomin candy, car candy, balls, and salmiakk












today the second swap arrived. more balls! (honey, your balls are purple) mixed candy (lactose free truffle! and it didnt taste yuck, like many lactose free things do) and mint chocolate and a weird candy called kiss kiss, and yummy wine gums. Lactose free chocolate that I havent tried yet (cause I had balls for lunch) but I will try it later, and salmiakk.
























thank you to my Finland swap partners, it was fun, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

lets sing! sweets for my sweets, sugar for my sugar for my hoooooney


if you dont have a green thumb, get a green head. FO


I knitted a hat!

and yes I can hear you all thinking “a hat? another one? how many do you need? whats your excuse this time?”

and my answers to that would be: yes a hat, indeed another one. I need at least 20, and I am nowere near that. My excuse this time is that I didnt have a green hat, and that I also need more bulky yarn hats, cause I live very close to the north pole, and we freeze a lot here. mhm


hat facts!

the hat is called Picoline hat, and you can download it for free via this Ravelry link:

I used the yarn Alfa glitter from Sandnes Garn. (but where was my glitter? no bling in this yarn) and I knitted the hat on 6mm and 10mm circs. My only change was that I skipped the pom pom and that I knitted on 10mm instead of 9mm. That might have something to do with me drinking and knitting, and I didnt know that I was knitting with 10mm until I was over half in my knitting, and I didnt bother to change needles.I didnt block it or wash it.

Nice easy pattern. You can knit this in one evening, two if you drink cava during evening one.. ahem.

the hat looks like this:





have a good weekend!

FO friendly hands

Got this yarn from one of my best friends, and I wanted to knit something that was very usable, not something that got tossed in the closet and never used. Since I am always cold on my hands during fall and winter I use fingerless gloves a lot, I even use them inside, so I decided that that’s what I would make. I have liked the pattern for a long time, and I think the yarn is a perfect match for this pattern. I have skinny wrists, so my only changes was knitting them on 3mm needles, and I didn’t block them, cause I was afraid they would be wider. Pattern was very easy to follow. I did suffer a case of second sock syndrome, so the second one was kind of a drag, but I am glad I kicked my butt and finished these. Aren’t they pretty? I think they look a bit gladiator’ish, don’t you? Gladiator wristies!

They remind me of my friend =)

The yarn is unfortunately discontinued, which is a shame. But if you get your hands on it, try it! Its such a joy to knit with. Doesent split at all, and its soft and solid.



Mirasol Yarn Hacho


Picture time (all pics taken with cell phone, in my office at work, so not much natural daylight on these pic, but the color is not that different from the pics)






happy go lucky


when things are moving too fast, and the dark spots in life are easier to spot than the sunshine, then you need to sit down and breathe. Find your sunshine. here are mine:


I am happy that this fellow is recovering from his surgery he suddenly needed to have.










I am happy that my man gave me this for my birthday (duvet covers and towel in Marius knitting pattern)









and that my towel now matches my toothbrush











I am happy that people still gives me candy for my birthday











I am happy to have a wardrobe drawer with just knitted items that I made. It makes me proud.










and that I have a friendly ghost in my closet












Even though I think its way too early for winter, the first snow on the mountan always makes me smile










what are you happy about?