happy go lucky


when things are moving too fast, and the dark spots in life are easier to spot than the sunshine, then you need to sit down and breathe. Find your sunshine. here are mine:


I am happy that this fellow is recovering from his surgery he suddenly needed to have.










I am happy that my man gave me this for my birthday (duvet covers and towel in Marius knitting pattern)









and that my towel now matches my toothbrush











I am happy that people still gives me candy for my birthday











I am happy to have a wardrobe drawer with just knitted items that I made. It makes me proud.










and that I have a friendly ghost in my closet












Even though I think its way too early for winter, the first snow on the mountan always makes me smile










what are you happy about?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Great post, and a good reminder, to look for the things we have to be happy about. I’m happy I have two grown children with whom I have a great relationship, I’m happy to have a supportive husband who loves me, to be able to keep pets (chickens, a dog and two cats), to have the opportunity to knit, read, learn a language, and to be able to peacefully protest.


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