FO friendly hands

Got this yarn from one of my best friends, and I wanted to knit something that was very usable, not something that got tossed in the closet and never used. Since I am always cold on my hands during fall and winter I use fingerless gloves a lot, I even use them inside, so I decided that that’s what I would make. I have liked the pattern for a long time, and I think the yarn is a perfect match for this pattern. I have skinny wrists, so my only changes was knitting them on 3mm needles, and I didn’t block them, cause I was afraid they would be wider. Pattern was very easy to follow. I did suffer a case of second sock syndrome, so the second one was kind of a drag, but I am glad I kicked my butt and finished these. Aren’t they pretty? I think they look a bit gladiator’ish, don’t you? Gladiator wristies!

They remind me of my friend =)

The yarn is unfortunately discontinued, which is a shame. But if you get your hands on it, try it! Its such a joy to knit with. Doesent split at all, and its soft and solid.



Mirasol Yarn Hacho


Picture time (all pics taken with cell phone, in my office at work, so not much natural daylight on these pic, but the color is not that different from the pics)







4 responses to this post.

  1. They’re beautiful.


  2. Posted by chelita on October 23, 2011 at 20:11

    beatiful mitts lengsel! one of my projects for next winter is to knit some mitts (by the moment I only knit shawls and socks), I add this pattern to my to do list ;-)
    thanks for the pattern!


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