if you dont have a green thumb, get a green head. FO


I knitted a hat!

and yes I can hear you all thinking “a hat? another one? how many do you need? whats your excuse this time?”

and my answers to that would be: yes a hat, indeed another one. I need at least 20, and I am nowere near that. My excuse this time is that I didnt have a green hat, and that I also need more bulky yarn hats, cause I live very close to the north pole, and we freeze a lot here. mhm


hat facts!

the hat is called Picoline hat, and you can download it for free via this Ravelry link:


I used the yarn Alfa glitter from Sandnes Garn. (but where was my glitter? no bling in this yarn) and I knitted the hat on 6mm and 10mm circs. My only change was that I skipped the pom pom and that I knitted on 10mm instead of 9mm. That might have something to do with me drinking and knitting, and I didnt know that I was knitting with 10mm until I was over half in my knitting, and I didnt bother to change needles.I didnt block it or wash it.

Nice easy pattern. You can knit this in one evening, two if you drink cava during evening one.. ahem.

the hat looks like this:





have a good weekend!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Great hat! And you can never have too many hats. Drinking and knitting???? Oh no, I can’t do that. The drinking only commences AFTER the knitting. :-)


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