swappy happy

I love candy. I would rather do a candy swap with you than a yarn swap. If I go to a country I never been to before I am more interested in the candy shops than the resturants. Thats how I roll.

On Ravelry there’s a lot of finns, nice people those Finland people, they made Nokia, they have vodka, sauna (portables too!), but do you know what they dont have. They dont have stratos! Stratos is a norwegian chocolate with air in it. Similar to the chocolate aero, but much better (I know this cause I have tasted aero).  Well, the finns kept on complaning about the lack of stratos, and I kept on rubbing it in that my country have oil, a handsome priminister, and stratooos. After rubbing it in for a while I say to one of the finns that hey, I could always send you some, no problem. Then this sorta evolved to a candy swap, and we ended up being a bunch of people sending candy to eacother. I sent to the sauna girls couple, then another sweet finn girl that only likes me for my stratos, and my deutche UK girl, Nattie. I have recieved two of the swap goodies, so this is a “look at my candy” post.  I loved this swap, and I wouldnt hesitate doing it again. I also made a deal with the finns to send them extra stratos if they sended some salmiak (salmiyuck) to my man, cause finland is known for their salmiakk, and my man is known for eating it. (I am known for refusing to kiss him when he has eaten it) good deal, happy man. The kids is also very intruged that I, a grown up woman sends and recives candy with other grown ups, I bet they cant wait to be grown ups now!

the first swappy happy actually came on my birthday some weeks ago. great timing! It was from the girl who only likes me for my stratos, and this is what I got:

green balls! Finland is known for its green balls, i am so fascinated by it, its shape, the taste, the texture. It also welcomes a lot of ball jokes, so we’ve been having a ball making ball jokes around here lately.

(yeah, maybe I tasted some before I took picture)  (all pics are click to englarge, maaagic!)












chocolate, moomin candy, car candy, balls, and salmiakk












today the second swap arrived. more balls! (honey, your balls are purple) mixed candy (lactose free truffle! and it didnt taste yuck, like many lactose free things do) and mint chocolate and a weird candy called kiss kiss, and yummy wine gums. Lactose free chocolate that I havent tried yet (cause I had balls for lunch) but I will try it later, and salmiakk.
























thank you to my Finland swap partners, it was fun, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

lets sing! sweets for my sweets, sugar for my sugar for my hoooooney


6 responses to this post.

  1. mmmm…. stratos …. I mean, good idea, this candyswap :D


    • Posted by lengsel on October 31, 2011 at 17:07

      I hope your swap arrives soon, then I probably wont hear from you for a day or two, you’ll be too busy consuming airy chocolate.


  2. What a great, great idea! I’ve never “those” balls before. Is there any kind of candy from Idaho that you’d like in a swap?


    • Posted by lengsel on November 3, 2011 at 05:47

      yeah, it was a fun thing to do :) Oh, I dont know what kind of candy Idaho is known for, but when I was in the states 5 years ago I remember piling up on Lifesavers-candy and salt water taffy’s.


      • Well since I’ve never been to Norway I don’t know what types of candy you have available. But I’d love to do a candy swap sometime. We have plenty of lifesavers around here and I can probably find some salt water taffy too. Also in Idaho, since we’re known for our potatoes, there is a specific candy called “The Idaho Spud.”

      • Posted by lengsel on November 4, 2011 at 06:17

        I would love that too! we should try to do that next year :-) we dont have that much candy from the states in our stores, mostly from the big companies like Nestle and such. idaho spud sounds interesting. potato candy?

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