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I made a skirt, and I am not afraid to use it

Why would I knit a skirt? I don’t wear much skirts, I have 5 pets, a knitted skirt would only be a magnet to all their fur, and what if you spend all this time knitting a skirt, then you wash it, and it widens out, and suddenly you have a skirt that keeps falling down to your ankles, that’s not flattering.

There are many reasons not to knit a skirt, so I knitted one. Yeah. I found this drops pattern, and I usually don’t find drops patterns, cause let’s be honest here, their patterns are poorly written and they expect you to be mind readers and constantly knit ahead and read ahead, and know math cause they can’t be bothered counting for you. But they made this skirt, which I didn’t really like that much, but I liked the idea. Their skirt was this little short slim thingy called snowbell. I am not a short tight miniskirt kind of girl. So I modified. I used their stitch count for the size small, I used their recommended yarn and needle size, so all my cred goes to Drops. But I made my version a little longer, and a little wider, I also added another color, and insteadof knitting the garter part in the round, i knitted it back and forth so it made a cute split on the back.

And you know what? I love it! I am planning on wearing this on a Christmas party, cause this is pretty, its comfy (aka, I can stuff myself with Christmas food without the skirt keeping me for stuffing myself more) so yeah, go knit yourself a skirt.

Yarn: Drops Eskimo. I used around 370 metres, thats a little over 7 skeins. Its knitted on 6mm and 7mm needles, and you can find the pattern here:

I also learned that taking pics of yourself in a skirt is not an easy task.

click to enlarge if you want!


have a good one!

Happy turkey day to my american readers.


I am going away for the weekend, but before I leave I just wanted to show you something. In Norway, in kindergarden we have all made dorullnisser, aka toiletroll-santas. (I even made the 3 wise men once, advanced!) but dorullnisser is soo the 80’s!  After seeing these all over the webs (well, Pinterest mostly) I just had to try, so here are my attempt at toiletroll owl, and I even made a kitty. (our collection has expanded since I made these, as the kid also jumped on the trend, we now have a shelf full of these)

have a good weekend, make a owl or four!


FO look, I made a lace shawl all by myself, it only took ten months!

Are you proud of your knitting? I am not often proud of what I make. I can be happy, I can love it, I can wear it a lot and enjoy it. But it’s not often I make something that I am really proud

This I am proud of. This I wear with pride. This I put on and smile and think oh my gosh I can’t believe I actually made this.

Maybe it’s because it took so long to make, it’s been with me for almost a year. I spent 10 months making this shawl. Not because the pattern is that difficult, its rather easy actually, and if you, like me, never have made a triangular lace shawl before, I would totally recommend this pattern. This took a long time to make because I make all other things instead. This shawl was laying in my yarn basket and I would knit a row now and then, I was in no hurry.

Now it’s done, I am almost finished with another shawl (a simple striped one, no lace) and I have plans for other lace shawls.

This is also one of the few red garments I own. I wasn’t too sure about the color while knitting this, but now I love it. I messed up the pattern here and there, it don’t bother me at all, this is my first lace triangular shawl, it should look like it is. Blocking it was a thrill, as blocking lace always is. Blocking lace makes it all worth it, it makes you want to knit more lace.

The pattern is now a pay for pattern, but was free when I downloaded it. I used abuelita 3 ply yarn for this, and as always it was a thrill to knit with. I used one skein, and I knitted this on 4mm needles. You can find the pattern here.

Pictures are taken in sunlight, and are most accurate on the first pictures, the shawl is not pink, its deep red. Think Christmas red. Pics are click to enlarge.

And did I mention that I am very proud of this?

excuse me while I bombard you with pictures































FO cashmere alpacca Saroyan

Next to my dentist (who calls me in twice a year, which I don’t mind really, my dentist is a handsome  man) is a shop. It has fabrics, needles, buttons, and yarn. Usually when I walk out of the dentist office I am a bit bummed, cause the dentist likes to take my money. My weird sense of logic then tells me to hey, lets go to the shop next door and do some comfort shopping.  This scarf is a result of that comfort shopping. The yarn is cashmere alpaca. Sounds expensive? It was. I don’t know how expensive, as I have erased all that info from my mind, in order to actually knit with the yarn and wear it.

So what can I tell you about cashmere alpaca, other than its expensive? Well its soft, its so soft that you want to cuddle it. It is so worth the money!this yarn is so YUM. seriosly, its so moshy sqoushy smoochy, smoshy, any word that ends with -shy and schy:D Its so easy to shape, its like I am knitting with play-doh. It is love at first knit for me. which is almost too bad, cause this yarn was rather pricy, but its worth it!

Loving the pattern too! Easy, but not too boring.

changes: well I’m doing the main part in garter, cause I love garter. Other than that no changes.

Did 5 pattern repeats in the increase and decrease section. and 15 pattern repeats in the straight section.

Pattern:  Saroyan

needles: 5 mm

yarn: Sandnes garn Cashmere alpacca. I used 5 skeins, wich is about 330 metres/370 yards.

I finished this in october and I have been wearing it a lot. Much more than I though I would, but it is stylish and warm and soft. Love it!









































nevermind my slightly retarded cat.



wannabe food blogger

I love to bake, to cook, to try out recipes, to experiment in the kitchen. But I am not a food blogger, cause when I make food I like to put the radio or spotify on really loud, and then sing and dance. I don’t have time to take pictures of what I do in the kitchen. I am too busy trying not to step on cats, and telling the dog not to step on the cats while he tries to catch every crumble that falls down from the counter.

I love Joy the baker. Now that’s a girl who knows how to food blog. I know I have recommended her before, but please drop by her once again (link further down)

and also; check out her podcast, you won’t be sorry! (she links to it on her page)

Joy made a pull a-part cinnamon bread. And it’s been stuck in my head like a lady Gaga song for months. But I was scared of the bread, because I am not used to Fahrenheit and cups and ounces. I am used to deciliters, grams, Celsius. And then there were ingredients I’ve never tried before, like nutmeg and vanilla extract. (yeah, I’m such a novice)And then there’s the fact that I suck at following recipes, I mostly consider them guidelines. But then there’s cinnamon. Oh how I love cinnamon. So today, while the rest of the family was enjoying a day of football cup final on TV, I decided to conquer the pull a-part bread.. I followed the recipe every step of the way except when it came to the cinnamon, I always use more cinnamon than recomended, but I love cinnamon, I cant help myself!. It took a while to make this, but I listened to Florence and the machine while I danced and singed, and used my piggy spatula as a microphone, it helped. And oh, cinnamon, how I love thee.

Thank you Joy! It was super delicious! The kids loved it, I loved it, the man loved it (and that benefits me you know) and the dog sniffed it. (The cats didn’t really care, but they don’t care much about yeasty stuff anyway)

You should make this, you should conquer this, then you should eat til you are so full that you have to postpone dinner, even though its pancake Sunday. Do it!

(and in case you were wondering: I collect all things pig. Sorta like crazy cat lady (said the girl who has 4 cats) but with pigs)

(all pics are click to enlarge, and all pics are taken with cellphone)
my spatula rocks!
dough is just finished and will rest for an hour

the dough is done, time to measure











then drown it with butter and sugar and nutmeg and cinnamon (lots of sugar fell off, but I just sprinkled it on later)











oh,  I suck at foodblog, then I did so and so and so. gee I am boring. well anyway, i did this, I used my pizza wheel. I wish I had a pig shaped pizza wheel.











then I stuffed it in this bread shape, and I sprinkled the leftover sugarmix on top










its done rising and ready for the oven











wooowza, look what I made!












cherry swappy happy


Aparently its a longer way to England from Norway than it is the other way. Cause my swap to Nattie that I sent last wednsday is still not at Nattie. Its lost in space or stuck in customs. But the swap Nattie sent to me on tuesday arrived yesterday.

I am addicted to Haribo. Starmix, cherries, mega roulette. I love that stuff! It got to the point where I ate it several times a week, then I sorta checked myself in to Haribo rehab and have been a good girl. Then the swap happened. Before the swap we all wrote likes and dislikes, I like like everything cherry, I love Haribo. Well what can I say. Haribo rehab go home! You’re going down! Not only did Nattie get me cherry candy heaven and Haribo nirvana, but one of the Haribo bags is from Germany! omg. It has german language on it! Whats the big deal you say? Well Haribo is from Germany! This is like getting sand from sahara or a sauna from Finland. I am candy starstruck, that’s what I am. I am also addicted to Haribo again. Oh, and she even sent me a pig book! and a funny postcard! (I collect all things pig, and I often ask people to send me the weirdest or ugliest postcard they can find) Thanks Nattie, I loved your swap. I will go and feed my addiction now.