cherry swappy happy


Aparently its a longer way to England from Norway than it is the other way. Cause my swap to Nattie that I sent last wednsday is still not at Nattie. Its lost in space or stuck in customs. But the swap Nattie sent to me on tuesday arrived yesterday.

I am addicted to Haribo. Starmix, cherries, mega roulette. I love that stuff! It got to the point where I ate it several times a week, then I sorta checked myself in to Haribo rehab and have been a good girl. Then the swap happened. Before the swap we all wrote likes and dislikes, I like like everything cherry, I love Haribo. Well what can I say. Haribo rehab go home! You’re going down! Not only did Nattie get me cherry candy heaven and Haribo nirvana, but one of the Haribo bags is from Germany! omg. It has german language on it! Whats the big deal you say? Well Haribo is from Germany! This is like getting sand from sahara or a sauna from Finland. I am candy starstruck, that’s what I am. I am also addicted to Haribo again. Oh, and she even sent me a pig book! and a funny postcard! (I collect all things pig, and I often ask people to send me the weirdest or ugliest postcard they can find) Thanks Nattie, I loved your swap. I will go and feed my addiction now.














please do

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