wannabe food blogger

I love to bake, to cook, to try out recipes, to experiment in the kitchen. But I am not a food blogger, cause when I make food I like to put the radio or spotify on really loud, and then sing and dance. I don’t have time to take pictures of what I do in the kitchen. I am too busy trying not to step on cats, and telling the dog not to step on the cats while he tries to catch every crumble that falls down from the counter.

I love Joy the baker. Now that’s a girl who knows how to food blog. I know I have recommended her before, but please drop by her once again (link further down)

and also; check out her podcast, you won’t be sorry! (she links to it on her page)

Joy made a pull a-part cinnamon bread. And it’s been stuck in my head like a lady Gaga song for months. But I was scared of the bread, because I am not used to Fahrenheit and cups and ounces. I am used to deciliters, grams, Celsius. And then there were ingredients I’ve never tried before, like nutmeg and vanilla extract. (yeah, I’m such a novice)And then there’s the fact that I suck at following recipes, I mostly consider them guidelines. But then there’s cinnamon. Oh how I love cinnamon. So today, while the rest of the family was enjoying a day of football cup final on TV, I decided to conquer the pull a-part bread.. I followed the recipe every step of the way except when it came to the cinnamon, I always use more cinnamon than recomended, but I love cinnamon, I cant help myself!. It took a while to make this, but I listened to Florence and the machine while I danced and singed, and used my piggy spatula as a microphone, it helped. And oh, cinnamon, how I love thee.

Thank you Joy! It was super delicious! The kids loved it, I loved it, the man loved it (and that benefits me you know) and the dog sniffed it. (The cats didn’t really care, but they don’t care much about yeasty stuff anyway)

You should make this, you should conquer this, then you should eat til you are so full that you have to postpone dinner, even though its pancake Sunday. Do it!

(and in case you were wondering: I collect all things pig. Sorta like crazy cat lady (said the girl who has 4 cats) but with pigs)

(all pics are click to enlarge, and all pics are taken with cellphone)
my spatula rocks!
dough is just finished and will rest for an hour

the dough is done, time to measure











then drown it with butter and sugar and nutmeg and cinnamon (lots of sugar fell off, but I just sprinkled it on later)











oh,  I suck at foodblog, then I did so and so and so. gee I am boring. well anyway, i did this, I used my pizza wheel. I wish I had a pig shaped pizza wheel.











then I stuffed it in this bread shape, and I sprinkled the leftover sugarmix on top










its done rising and ready for the oven











wooowza, look what I made!













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  1. Even with your cell phone, that looks delish!


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