FO cashmere alpacca Saroyan

Next to my dentist (who calls me in twice a year, which I don’t mind really, my dentist is a handsome  man) is a shop. It has fabrics, needles, buttons, and yarn. Usually when I walk out of the dentist office I am a bit bummed, cause the dentist likes to take my money. My weird sense of logic then tells me to hey, lets go to the shop next door and do some comfort shopping.  This scarf is a result of that comfort shopping. The yarn is cashmere alpaca. Sounds expensive? It was. I don’t know how expensive, as I have erased all that info from my mind, in order to actually knit with the yarn and wear it.

So what can I tell you about cashmere alpaca, other than its expensive? Well its soft, its so soft that you want to cuddle it. It is so worth the money!this yarn is so YUM. seriosly, its so moshy sqoushy smoochy, smoshy, any word that ends with -shy and schy:D Its so easy to shape, its like I am knitting with play-doh. It is love at first knit for me. which is almost too bad, cause this yarn was rather pricy, but its worth it!

Loving the pattern too! Easy, but not too boring.

changes: well I’m doing the main part in garter, cause I love garter. Other than that no changes.

Did 5 pattern repeats in the increase and decrease section. and 15 pattern repeats in the straight section.

Pattern:  Saroyan

needles: 5 mm

yarn: Sandnes garn Cashmere alpacca. I used 5 skeins, wich is about 330 metres/370 yards.

I finished this in october and I have been wearing it a lot. Much more than I though I would, but it is stylish and warm and soft. Love it!









































nevermind my slightly retarded cat.




4 responses to this post.

  1. It’s gorgeous!! and in cashmere, must be amazing against your throat. good call!


    • Posted by lengsel on November 12, 2011 at 07:46

      thank you! the cashmere alpaca blend makes it softer than a baby butt or something ;-D I love it, I want to knit a bed from that yarn.


  2. LOL! Blogger in its lack-of-wisdom isn’t letting me respond directly to comments on my blog, but your martini comment on my blog made me laugh so much that I had to come and tell you. Too funny!


    • Posted by lengsel on November 15, 2011 at 18:35

      haha :-D oh I just had to comment on that, cause hey, you are doing it wrong! ;-D change the order, then have fun. Never had a chocolate martini before though, I just saw the word chocolate and alcohol and assumed it was a far too good combo to wait so long for it.


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