FO look, I made a lace shawl all by myself, it only took ten months!

Are you proud of your knitting? I am not often proud of what I make. I can be happy, I can love it, I can wear it a lot and enjoy it. But it’s not often I make something that I am really proud

This I am proud of. This I wear with pride. This I put on and smile and think oh my gosh I can’t believe I actually made this.

Maybe it’s because it took so long to make, it’s been with me for almost a year. I spent 10 months making this shawl. Not because the pattern is that difficult, its rather easy actually, and if you, like me, never have made a triangular lace shawl before, I would totally recommend this pattern. This took a long time to make because I make all other things instead. This shawl was laying in my yarn basket and I would knit a row now and then, I was in no hurry.

Now it’s done, I am almost finished with another shawl (a simple striped one, no lace) and I have plans for other lace shawls.

This is also one of the few red garments I own. I wasn’t too sure about the color while knitting this, but now I love it. I messed up the pattern here and there, it don’t bother me at all, this is my first lace triangular shawl, it should look like it is. Blocking it was a thrill, as blocking lace always is. Blocking lace makes it all worth it, it makes you want to knit more lace.

The pattern is now a pay for pattern, but was free when I downloaded it. I used abuelita 3 ply yarn for this, and as always it was a thrill to knit with. I used one skein, and I knitted this on 4mm needles. You can find the pattern here.

Pictures are taken in sunlight, and are most accurate on the first pictures, the shawl is not pink, its deep red. Think Christmas red. Pics are click to enlarge.

And did I mention that I am very proud of this?

excuse me while I bombard you with pictures
































4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Birgit on November 17, 2011 at 15:35

    Wow! Great one…


  2. Beautiful & I love the red! I have not had the courage to begin a big lace anything yet.


please do

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