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I hope you had a good one!

Happy new year!








lots of nice gifts this year, my aunt knitted me those mittens :)












On the third week of advent my knitting friend gave to meee (and a little rambling on the side)


So, it’s the day before the day here. In Norway tomorrow is the big day, we celebrate on the 24th. I’m just taking a break from the last of cleaning and fixing. (and if you, like me, find that cleaning and fixing to be a little bit boring, I truly recomend putting on 90’s music really loud, and sing, while you clean and fix. I just sang cotton eye joe, and my table has never been this clean)

My plans for the holidays is to have vacation. First there will be 3 days of family gathering, and I am also on call for work, but if they dont call me in, my plan is to wear my pink PJ pants as much as I can, while I sit in the sofa with kids and dogs and cats, watching animated films and cartoons all day long. There will of course be knitting. I started a cardgian yesterday, and I have high ambitons of knitting on that through christmas. (reality is that I probably dont have enough yarn for it, and need to order more, and I that I after 4 days of cardigan knitting will find it so boring that I start a new project. Thats why I have a shawl planned, and a west that needs to be finished)  I also have other nice plans, including a beer and boardgames evening with a good friend, book reading and wine drinking, candy eating, a little more candy eating. As you can see, there will hardly be time for blogging, so the blogging will also take vacation.

I wish you all a peaceful holiday :-) God jul!


the calendar!

one advent calendar gift left.. is it over already? But I had so much fun! I really loved doing this, Hannah, and I cant wait til next year. I’m already planning your gifts, and I have half the calendar finished in my head.

here’s what I’ve gotten the last week. I am so so so loving the cup! Been wanting a cup like that since summer. And except for the alpacca I never tried any of the other yarn. So exciting!





FO striped shawl


After finishing my big lace shawl I of course needed another shawl, cause that’s just how it is when you finish a shawl. I casted on for the Sonia shawl. I had some false starts and starting issues, but I just mailed the designer and she helped me. (this is why I love the international knitting scene and knitting people, I can just mail the designer)

I really loved knitting this, it was so airy and light. The malabrogi silk has been in my stash for like two years, I haven’t found the perfect pattern for it yet. I love the combo of purple and grey.

It turned out huge, and first I thought it was too huge, cause I think I kinda wanted it to be a shawlette,. But then I wore it a couple of times, and now I really like it. I use a lot of grey and brown clothes, so this shawl goes well with them and makes me look a little less boring. What I do need now is a nice looking shawl pin!

Pattern: Sonia’s Shawl

Yarn: 2,7 skeins of Sandes Garn Alpakka, and 1,9 skein of Malabrigo silky merino (51%silke 49% merino)

I used a 5mm needle. It blocked too heavy,  but after I’ve been using it for a while now, it looks better.







































baked goods


Just thought I’d show you some traditional Norwegian christmas cookies (and my wonderful view from my kitchen window)

these are my mans favorite. they are called serinakaker, they are made from lots of butter (or margarine, if your country has ran out of butter) flour, eggwhites, sugar, almonds.





next one up is kokosmakroner,  and these are so easy that a blind monkey could make it. Its basically just coconut shred, fine sugar, and eggwhites. (we Norwegians loves eggwhites in our christmas baking)





later this week I will bake some pastry filled with home made apple jam. Not very traditional christmas baking, but I grew up having it during christmas, so for me it is. Less that a week left, and I am in vacation mood. I have most things under control, I just need to finish knitting a slipper, and find out where in the living room we can put the christmas tree. I think I need to do some re-arranging there today. Do we really need the dining room and the sofa during christmas?

I hope you all have a not too stressfull last week before christmas. St0p and breathe, or do a little dance when you make cakes in your kitchen. It helps :)

Norway might be out of butter, but I fear that Finland is out of chocolate


I have lactose intolerance.I should not eat bright milk chocolate. If I want bright chocolate I have to choose soy or something, cause in Norway that’s my option, not much light lactose free milk chocolate here, so I eat light milk chocolate, and I wake up with a rash, and sometimes my tummy hurt.

But I am lucky, cause I know a nice Finn that is addicted to a Norwegian chocolate called Stratos, and Finland rocks at lactose free choclate! So recently we did a nice deal, that if I bought so much stratos that people would be looking at me at the store thinking “gee, thats a lot of stratos!, is she gonna eat that?!” she would get me lactose free chocolate and dark chocolate. Done deal, but did she stop there? oh no, she surely wants to do this again, cause she is sucking up! She made me a project bag with pigs on it! pigs! (I collect all things pig)

Smart girl, that Finland girl, must be all the vodka and sauna..

so look what I got, and look, I put it on my dog!

(Thank you Johanna :-)






on the second week of advent my true friend gave to meee

from last friday to this friday.

There was also chocolate. I might have eaten it. The slippers are hairy because I have five pets, and I have been wearing the slippers a lot. I have never tried any of this yarn before, but I am using the white yarn today, to cast on some slippers for a nice little girl I know :)



hello there,december sunday.

I’m baking today.




I will bake serina cookies later. Its a traditional norwegian little cookie made with butter and sugar and flour, with almonds on top.


when I am not baking I am reading this and laughing, cause its stupid and hilarous (Hey girl. I’ll always know it was you who started the owl craze) and knitting on a west. Later today I will face one of my fears: short rows and wrap and turn.


what are you doing on a sunday?