Last advent was… oh I don’t know what it was, it was a test, it was a trial, it was a challenge. Things happened, worst timing, worst test. Things changed. The kids dreaded advent this year, so did we, so we had to change it. It’s hard changing a season that is so traditional bound, but we are tweaking it, fixing it, erasing the bad memories, making new ones, clinging on to those traditions and memories that gives us smiles and not stress.

I am doing a lot of things different this year.

I am not knitting gifts to everyone, I am not drowning myself in duty knitting, stressing to be finished before Christmas. No, this year I am knitting gifts to those who said they would like a knitting gift, and to those who I know will appreciate it. This means that the gifts are knitted with a smile this year, and not a worry frown.

I am not sending homemade cards to every family member, or people I know. No, this year I am sending to a lot of different people. I am sending to my wonderful co-worker in my work team, because we make a good team, and I want her to know that. I am sending a card to that Somali woman I know, who is, for the first time in so many years, celebrating Christmas with all her kids. I will personally give a card to the council secretary, because she always has her office door open for me, and always has time to talk, even though I know she is more busy than I ever will be.

I am not baking this and that and so on and so on, just to toss it away in February. I am baking things I know we all like, and that I know will be eaten. I am not making fudge this year, I think it’s the first time I skip the fudge.

There are very few people who will be getting a gift from me this year, not because they haven’t been nice, or because they don’t mean anything to me. No, I don’t want to give you a present, but I would like for you to come over, come visit me, we can drink tea (I have so much tea it qualifies as a collection) and talk, maybe we can drink my favorite wine, its organic, and soo good! We can play scrabble, or trivial pursuit, we can eat cheese doodles, I can make homemade pizza, or let’s have raclette, that’s a social meal! You can cuddle my dog, and snuggle my cat. I’ll bet you remember that much better than if I just bought you a cd.

This year is different, this year is going back to the advent roots. I like the roots much better.

Glimpse of advent around my house:












































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