on the first week of advent my best friend gave to meee


Did I tell you about my advent calendar? I did, like months ago, didn’t I? Let me refresh your memory:

I have a very good, nice, sweet , friend. Her name is Hannah. She lives in another city, wich is a shame, but we have facebook and answering machines, so we cope. Hannah’s is a knitter like me, she even knits socks! Around spring we did a yarn swap, cause thats what we do when we only get bills in the mail. It was a very nice yarn swap,so I suggested that hey lets to a all things knitting related calendar for advent! And she said yes, and we made it an “all things knit related minus 6 things that doesent has to be knit related-calendar”.

Now the first week has passed, and I must say I am really loving this! I assume Hannah is too, cause on day 3 she sent me a message asking if we can do it again next year.

Here is what I have gotten during the first week, I am very happy about all of this. Never tried any knitpicks yarn before, never even knitted with knit pro needles, and that lip balm is the best balm I have ever tried.












4 responses to this post.

  1. Åh, fikk hun tak i stjerner til deg? Sånne har jeg sett etter, men fant de aldri. Det måtte jo være stjerner eller griser, liksom. :-) Superfin kalender!


  2. Renathe: http://www.etsy.com/shop/pinkywarehouse?ref=pr_shop_more Og posten i Malaysia bruker litt tid altså :)

    Jeg liiiiiiker kalenderen min! Soak <3


  3. Posted by lengsel on December 10, 2011 at 17:23

    jeg liiiiiiiiker min også! og jeg er godt i gang med å planlegge neste års allerede, ser stadig garn jeg tenker at åh det kan Hannah få i kalenderen sin.


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