Norway might be out of butter, but I fear that Finland is out of chocolate


I have lactose intolerance.I should not eat bright milk chocolate. If I want bright chocolate I have to choose soy or something, cause in Norway that’s my option, not much light lactose free milk chocolate here, so I eat light milk chocolate, and I wake up with a rash, and sometimes my tummy hurt.

But I am lucky, cause I know a nice Finn that is addicted to a Norwegian chocolate called Stratos, and Finland rocks at lactose free choclate! So recently we did a nice deal, that if I bought so much stratos that people would be looking at me at the store thinking “gee, thats a lot of stratos!, is she gonna eat that?!” she would get me lactose free chocolate and dark chocolate. Done deal, but did she stop there? oh no, she surely wants to do this again, cause she is sucking up! She made me a project bag with pigs on it! pigs! (I collect all things pig)

Smart girl, that Finland girl, must be all the vodka and sauna..

so look what I got, and look, I put it on my dog!

(Thank you Johanna :-)







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