baked goods


Just thought I’d show you some traditional Norwegian christmas cookies (and my wonderful view from my kitchen window)

these are my mans favorite. they are called serinakaker, they are made from lots of butter (or margarine, if your country has ran out of butter) flour, eggwhites, sugar, almonds.





next one up is kokosmakroner,  and these are so easy that a blind monkey could make it. Its basically just coconut shred, fine sugar, and eggwhites. (we Norwegians loves eggwhites in our christmas baking)





later this week I will bake some pastry filled with home made apple jam. Not very traditional christmas baking, but I grew up having it during christmas, so for me it is. Less that a week left, and I am in vacation mood. I have most things under control, I just need to finish knitting a slipper, and find out where in the living room we can put the christmas tree. I think I need to do some re-arranging there today. Do we really need the dining room and the sofa during christmas?

I hope you all have a not too stressfull last week before christmas. St0p and breathe, or do a little dance when you make cakes in your kitchen. It helps :)


5 responses to this post.

  1. YUM!!!!! My great-grandmother was from Norway, but she seems to have dropped any traditions when she came to America & married my Irish great grandfather. Judging from the yummy stuff you’re making, maybe my waistline is rather thankful that she did…………..:)


  2. What a pretty view you have! Very nice. I wish we had snow here, but not yet. Happy Christmas baking; your cookies look delicious.


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