FO striped shawl


After finishing my big lace shawl I of course needed another shawl, cause that’s just how it is when you finish a shawl. I casted on for the Sonia shawl. I had some false starts and starting issues, but I just mailed the designer and she helped me. (this is why I love the international knitting scene and knitting people, I can just mail the designer)

I really loved knitting this, it was so airy and light. The malabrogi silk has been in my stash for like two years, I haven’t found the perfect pattern for it yet. I love the combo of purple and grey.

It turned out huge, and first I thought it was too huge, cause I think I kinda wanted it to be a shawlette,. But then I wore it a couple of times, and now I really like it. I use a lot of grey and brown clothes, so this shawl goes well with them and makes me look a little less boring. What I do need now is a nice looking shawl pin!

Pattern: Sonia’s Shawl

Yarn: 2,7 skeins of Sandes Garn Alpakka, and 1,9 skein of Malabrigo silky merino (51%silke 49% merino)

I used a 5mm needle. It blocked too heavy,  but after I’ve been using it for a while now, it looks better.








































please do

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