On the third week of advent my knitting friend gave to meee (and a little rambling on the side)


So, it’s the day before the day here. In Norway tomorrow is the big day, we celebrate on the 24th. I’m just taking a break from the last of cleaning and fixing. (and if you, like me, find that cleaning and fixing to be a little bit boring, I truly recomend putting on 90’s music really loud, and sing, while you clean and fix. I just sang cotton eye joe, and my table has never been this clean)

My plans for the holidays is to have vacation. First there will be 3 days of family gathering, and I am also on call for work, but if they dont call me in, my plan is to wear my pink PJ pants as much as I can, while I sit in the sofa with kids and dogs and cats, watching animated films and cartoons all day long. There will of course be knitting. I started a cardgian yesterday, and I have high ambitons of knitting on that through christmas. (reality is that I probably dont have enough yarn for it, and need to order more, and I that I after 4 days of cardigan knitting will find it so boring that I start a new project. Thats why I have a shawl planned, and a west that needs to be finished)  I also have other nice plans, including a beer and boardgames evening with a good friend, book reading and wine drinking, candy eating, a little more candy eating. As you can see, there will hardly be time for blogging, so the blogging will also take vacation.

I wish you all a peaceful holiday :-) God jul!


the calendar!

one advent calendar gift left.. is it over already? But I had so much fun! I really loved doing this, Hannah, and I cant wait til next year. I’m already planning your gifts, and I have half the calendar finished in my head.

here’s what I’ve gotten the last week. I am so so so loving the cup! Been wanting a cup like that since summer. And except for the alpacca I never tried any of the other yarn. So exciting!






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  1. Goood jul, fine deg! :)


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