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FO hats

Hello. I am trying to get back in the game again. I had another round of antibiotics. My body has gone all Maya’n people on me, trying to shut down in 2012 ;-) But things have been done and things have been knitted . I finished a shawl yesterday, and i am joing my first KAL, its a 5 cowls in 50 days, and I can’t wait! I am also totally ignoring my cardigan, so my year of cardigans are going not so good, oh well.

Both my mother and sister just celebrated birthdays, so I made them hats. I have so many half skeins and tiny skeins of Abuelita Worsted merino, and I am trying to knit it up, so both hats are made of scrap abuelita.

The first one is for my mother. I didnt use a pattern for this, just my standard beret recipe; cast on with smaller needles, make a rib, change to larger needles. I really like it, and I was sooo close to keeping it myself. My mother liked it too! I used 4 and 5mm needles, dont remember how much yarn, but I got scraps for the scraps :p







for the hat for my sister, I used a pattern, it’s called Graham, and it was a great pattern, you can find it here:

I used 4 and 5mm for this too. I find the dark brown Abuelita to be less softer than their other yarns, or maybe it’s just me? It feels harder.



DIY beed bracelet and curtain holder


We fixed our bedroom last weekend. We painted walls, put wardobe closets together, new curtians, moved furniture.

They say couples should not do those things together. I agree. ;-)

Getting a new room inspired some DIY projects for me, so over the next few weeks I will show them to you.

My sister gave me some colorful pretty beads in december, and now I finally found a use for them. I needed something to hold the curtains in place, so i finger crocheted with leftover yarn, and put beads on it. I liked it so much that I made some colorful beaded bracelets. So now I match my curtains! yey!

Not much instrucion needed for this. You finger crochet, then you put beads on it, then you look fancy, and people you hardly know might even say “thats pretty, nice with some colors on a grey day” while they sit next to you during a boring meeting.

















FO lace cowl

I think I’ve gotten a severe case of startitis, is there a cure? Soon I will have a severe pile of ufo’s. it must be January, I see the startitis epidemic all over the knitting blogs now. Last week I had a severe case of something else, and I was on antibiotics and couldn’t do much (except getting startitis). I think they put knitting mojo in those pills!

Well anyway, in my antibiotic state of tired mind I made a birthday gift! For my dear grandmother who turns 92 in march. She still lives home, alone in her apartment on the 4th floor, no elevator. She’s superwoman granny!

The pattern is great, loved it. Not at all too complicated, but not too boring either.  The yarn is some yarn my mother in law bought for me in Peru last year, its baby alpacca (yeah, i have this image of a naked freezing poor baby alpacca in my mind now) and is called Michell & CIA Indiecita DK. I used a little under one skein (around 99 yards)

I used  4 and 4,5 mm needles, and you can find the pattern here:







FO howdy purple, howdy stripy

This cowl, oh this cowl.

Have you ever visited the purl soho-blog called the purl bee? Or maybe you are so lucky that you even have visited their shop in NY? Their blog is lovely, it’s a calm haven in the blogosphere, always nice colors, pretty pictures, when I visit their blog I know I will see something pretty, something that makes me smile, or make me go “oh I want to make that!”. And even though I go “oh I want to make that” almost every time I visit their blog, I haven’t made anything, until December.

I fell in love with the cowl the minute I saw it, it was more of a “I _must_ make this” more than I want to make this. But then I read the pattern, and there where short rows, okay I can do a short row or five, but then there was wrapping stitches, and picking up stitches! And then there was a tutorial that scared me, so i tried to forget the cowl.

But then, oh, then there was lovely yarn in my advent calendar. My favorite yarn in my favorite color, the yarn immediately said it wanted to be that cowl, and I faced my fear and I listened.

The tutorial was nothing to be scared of, not at all, for the first time I understood it! I managed to go through it without saying a single curse word! And that’s actually a big accomplishment for someone as impatient as me! I will surely use that tutorial again, for other times when I need to wrap my stitches and pick them up. Thank you purl soho!

The details

You will find the pattern here:

The tutorial is here: (also linked to in the pattern)

I used 6mm needle, and the yarn is Abuelita Yarns merino worsted. I used around a half skein of it.

I didn’t block it, and the FO pics don’t give this thing justice at all, cause these pics are taken almost a month after I finished it. It’s taken me so long to take pics cause I have been busy wearing it. I wear it all the time, and I wear it a lot indoors, it’s great for a chilly person like me. Its stylish, it goes with everything. I really love this!

Well I had some leftover yarn, and thought I’d knit a matching hat. After finishing my striped shawl I wasn’t tired of stripes, I wanted more. Used leftover from the cowl, with some grey abuelita leftover yarn and made this slouchy beret-thingy. Didn’t use any pattern, but it’s made with the typical beret formula: cast on on smaller needle, knit a rib, then change to bigger needle, while you add some more stitches, knit till you can’t be bothered anymore, and hey you got a hat! Loving this too, been wearing it a lot, I think it’s my new go to-hat. I needed a new go to-hat, cause my other go to-hat is almost worn out.

Details: worsted weight yarn, needle 4mm and 5mm. purple powah!

its not a proper FO pic if you dont get one of your pets involved!

resolutions here we go

Do you make new year resolutions? I don’t. What I do make though, is knit year resolutions. What I love most about knitting is that you’re never finished, you don’t get to a point where you can say “there, I am done, now I’m a completed knitter” cause you don’t complete knitting, there’s always another technique to learn, something to knit, a new pattern to try, a new chart to conquer. I love this hobby (read obsession) because I can challenge myself, and I can continue doing so, and I like a good challenge!




For 2011 I had several goals, one of them was to knit more wearable stuff. Not that I don’t wear the hats and cowls I make, cause indeed I do, but I wanted to move on to larger wearable garments. I completed that goal, I made several wests and short sleeved cardigans, and I wear them.

Another goal was to knit my first sweater. And I did! Yey me.

Then there was the goal of making my first big triangular lace shawl. I managed that too, even though it took me a way too long.

When it comes to new skills I wanted to contiue to challenge myself with lace projects, learn different raglan decreases and increases, and be better at short rows, as they have been scaring me a bit. Well not the short rows themselves, but things like wrapping the stitches, and picking up the wrapped stitch. I recently did a pattern that had all those things, and I worked my way through it, and now I’m not afraid anymore. (there will be a blog post about that project soon, it’s just that I fell in love with the cowl and been too busy wearing it to take pics)

Another goal was to get my stash organized. It was chaos; it was in bags and baskets, in every floor, everywhere. Well I am happy to say that I completed that goal too. I now have my little yarn shed with labeled boxes, and it’s great, I always know where to find stuff.

So what are the goals for 2012? I ended up with 5 main goals this year, and two extra goals :)

1: Cardigans: 2012 will be my year of cardigans. I have already started one, and I have two more planned. If I manage to finish 3 cardigans in a year I will be very happy.

2: Lace shawls: started one this Christmas, have two triangular lace shawls and a stole planned. I think I will be able to do this. (I might eat my words here, come December 2012, but that’s half the fun of this goal making)

3: Knit for babies and kids: Nope, I don’t have a kiddo in my tummy, but I have never knitted for babies before, or little people in general, and I want to do that. My boss is pregnant, and I plan to knit some booties and a hat and a kicking bag for her baby.

4: Knit something from Stephen West. Isn’t that like obligatory for a knitter? He he. Either you knit something from Stephen, or from Jared flood? Well I’m on team Stephen ;-D so I have a scarf planned.

5: Knit from stash! The other day, while I was looking for a skein of merino wool of some kind, in one of my yarn boxes, it was so full I hardly couldn’t find anything in it without emptying it all over. The same was the case in the other wool boxes, and I thought hey I need to buy more boxes. But then I though oh no you don’t, you need to destash!

I haven’t been a knitter for that many years (3 years) and much of my stash is from that first year when you buy one skein here and two of those, and one here, just because the yarn is soft/pretty/on sale/whatever. And suddenly you have lots of yarn you really can’t make anything with. But I really need to destash and I think stripes is the solution here. Stripes and baby clothing. Striped hats, cowls, shawls. Destash baby!

Knit from books: I think this will be my hardest goal to complete, but I am putting it up here, at least so to remind me that I do have many many knitting books and that I should knit from them! I really enjoy browsing through them, but then I go on Ravelry and find a similar pattern instead, cause my knitting books don’t have “yarn ideas” and project pictures. But I really should try to knit from my books, at least one thing. Come on, you can do this!

I should also finish that blanket I started in may, shouldn’t I?

Well, these are my main goals. Do you have any?