FO howdy purple, howdy stripy

This cowl, oh this cowl.

Have you ever visited the purl soho-blog called the purl bee? Or maybe you are so lucky that you even have visited their shop in NY? Their blog is lovely, it’s a calm haven in the blogosphere, always nice colors, pretty pictures, when I visit their blog I know I will see something pretty, something that makes me smile, or make me go “oh I want to make that!”. And even though I go “oh I want to make that” almost every time I visit their blog, I haven’t made anything, until December.

I fell in love with the cowl the minute I saw it, it was more of a “I _must_ make this” more than I want to make this. But then I read the pattern, and there where short rows, okay I can do a short row or five, but then there was wrapping stitches, and picking up stitches! And then there was a tutorial that scared me, so i tried to forget the cowl.

But then, oh, then there was lovely yarn in my advent calendar. My favorite yarn in my favorite color, the yarn immediately said it wanted to be that cowl, and I faced my fear and I listened.

The tutorial was nothing to be scared of, not at all, for the first time I understood it! I managed to go through it without saying a single curse word! And that’s actually a big accomplishment for someone as impatient as me! I will surely use that tutorial again, for other times when I need to wrap my stitches and pick them up. Thank you purl soho!

The details

You will find the pattern here:

The tutorial is here: (also linked to in the pattern)

I used 6mm needle, and the yarn is Abuelita Yarns merino worsted. I used around a half skein of it.

I didn’t block it, and the FO pics don’t give this thing justice at all, cause these pics are taken almost a month after I finished it. It’s taken me so long to take pics cause I have been busy wearing it. I wear it all the time, and I wear it a lot indoors, it’s great for a chilly person like me. Its stylish, it goes with everything. I really love this!

Well I had some leftover yarn, and thought I’d knit a matching hat. After finishing my striped shawl I wasn’t tired of stripes, I wanted more. Used leftover from the cowl, with some grey abuelita leftover yarn and made this slouchy beret-thingy. Didn’t use any pattern, but it’s made with the typical beret formula: cast on on smaller needle, knit a rib, then change to bigger needle, while you add some more stitches, knit till you can’t be bothered anymore, and hey you got a hat! Loving this too, been wearing it a lot, I think it’s my new go to-hat. I needed a new go to-hat, cause my other go to-hat is almost worn out.

Details: worsted weight yarn, needle 4mm and 5mm. purple powah!

its not a proper FO pic if you dont get one of your pets involved!


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