FO lace cowl

I think I’ve gotten a severe case of startitis, is there a cure? Soon I will have a severe pile of ufo’s. it must be January, I see the startitis epidemic all over the knitting blogs now. Last week I had a severe case of something else, and I was on antibiotics and couldn’t do much (except getting startitis). I think they put knitting mojo in those pills!

Well anyway, in my antibiotic state of tired mind I made a birthday gift! For my dear grandmother who turns 92 in march. She still lives home, alone in her apartment on the 4th floor, no elevator. She’s superwoman granny!

The pattern is great, loved it. Not at all too complicated, but not too boring either.  The yarn is some yarn my mother in law bought for me in Peru last year, its baby alpacca (yeah, i have this image of a naked freezing poor baby alpacca in my mind now) and is called Michell & CIA Indiecita DK. I used a little under one skein (around 99 yards)

I used  4 and 4,5 mm needles, and you can find the pattern here:








please do

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