FO hats

Hello. I am trying to get back in the game again. I had another round of antibiotics. My body has gone all Maya’n people on me, trying to shut down in 2012 ;-) But things have been done and things have been knitted . I finished a shawl yesterday, and i am joing my first KAL, its a 5 cowls in 50 days, and I can’t wait! I am also totally ignoring my cardigan, so my year of cardigans are going not so good, oh well.

Both my mother and sister just celebrated birthdays, so I made them hats. I have so many half skeins and tiny skeins of Abuelita Worsted merino, and I am trying to knit it up, so both hats are made of scrap abuelita.

The first one is for my mother. I didnt use a pattern for this, just my standard beret recipe; cast on with smaller needles, make a rib, change to larger needles. I really like it, and I was sooo close to keeping it myself. My mother liked it too! I used 4 and 5mm needles, dont remember how much yarn, but I got scraps for the scraps :p







for the hat for my sister, I used a pattern, it’s called Graham, and it was a great pattern, you can find it here:

I used 4 and 5mm for this too. I find the dark brown Abuelita to be less softer than their other yarns, or maybe it’s just me? It feels harder.



please do

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