Button mad


I have jars filled with buttons. Do you? I have one jar with not so pretty buttons that I dont have two or more of. Then I have one jar of pretty, two similar or more-buttons, and then I have a jar of pretty pretty buttons that I have plans to use in my knitting. I sometimes take a dive in jar two and make some ear studs, or rings, but then there’s jar one, just standing there, failing to look tempting and pretty. What to do, what to do.

Well I found the solution! I was at a store one day, and came a cross these magnets in different sizes, then a light bulb showed up over my head, and I bought lots of magnets, and headed home.

Glue is your friend, ugly buttons are not so ugly, great presents, your fridge will look cool and stylish. I give you: button magnets!












here they are on my fridge, and yes that is indeed tickets to go on a date with Eddie Vedder! errr, I mean tickets to a Pearl Jam concert!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Luuurt! Jeg vil også ha knappemagneter! :)


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