Happy Valentines day

It’s the day of hearts and love!

In Norway there isn’t much tradtition to celebrate valentines, so we are not celebrating, just a bit. Cause I think valentines is a great excuse to bake my super yummy beer bread on a boring tuesday, buy some brie cheese, and enjoy a nice beer bread and brie-meal with my man later, when the kids are in bed.  <3 so that’s how I will celebrate, when I pretend I am not celebrating.

I endulged in some origami a couple of weeks ago, and since I made mostly hearts I thought this was a good day to post the pictures. I never really had the patience for origami, but these tutorials were super easy to follow (I will link to them at the end of this post) and they make great gifts, so I will continue to perfection my tequniqe on this :-)

Origiami heart bookmarks














Its not too late to make one or two of these as a valentines gift to someone! :-)


here’s the how to’s I used:







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  1. Those are so cute!!!


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