FO cowls

I’ve gone cowl mad, its cowl frenzy, it’s cowl season, it’s just cowls! I am not kidding when I say I have enough FO cowls to do a FO week with just cowls. But I won’t, cause then you’d get bored, so I will just spread them. I am on cowl 3 in the “50 days, 5 cowls, kal” now, its very fun and challenging. I have made all the prev deadlines, so I am hoping to make this one too, even though this cowl is going super slow..

I did some knitting on my cardigan last week, and have now finished the body. I have high ambitions on finishing it during march, but there’s these cowls.. the cardigan wants two sleeves and a button band. I also just tripped in to two yarn stores on monday, (it happens!) and on monday starts a big yearly book sale here, that I can’t wait to trip in to :-D

but cowls, shall we. The girl is pass the age where I can knit her anything, and she’d wear it cause omg I am a knitting artist who makes stuff with yarn! Nope, very pass that age now. Such a pity. Now she was specific, very specific, she wanted a cowl, a scarf turned into cowl, it had to be white, it could not itch, it could not be tight, and it could not be thin, but not too thick either. Sigh.. well, Ravelry is my friend (bff) so we browsed,and browsed, and we found a pattern called Simplicity eternity scarf/cowl. The name is very apropriate, cause knitting it felt surely like an eternity! But it took around 3 weeks with on and off knitting.

pattern can be found here:

yarn: i used Trysil garn, wich is a alpaca-wool-acrylic blend, and is my go to yarn if I want to knit with cheap worsted yarn, its a good yarn, soft, good to work with. It’s knitted on 4.5 mm needles.

she has been wearing it every day since I made it, she wears it inside, outside, everywhere. It’s worth the eternity it took :-)










Then I wanted one too, but since I was a bit fed up with the pattern, and I’m a sucker for plain simple garter, I made one in garter. No pattern, cast on 35 stiches, knitted til I ran out of yarn. I had so much leftover Abuelita worsted merino (my go to worsted in the more expensive type yarns) from different projects, and this was a great stashbuster. I love it, and I actually didn’t have a plain garter cowl!5,5 mm needle, did not block it.








3 responses to this post.

  1. Nice! I get crazy with knitting the same things too. Usually with me it’s socks. Right now I’ve been working on mittens with the opening to put the fingers through.


  2. I have finally been able to keep a few cowls I’ve made! I love a warm neck, it just seems to keep the rest of me toasty.


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