remember back in the days when I used to blog?

yeah,so.. sorry about my absence. Life happened, cause sometimes life does, and blogging seemed unimportant, cause when life happens I knit, drink wine, and eat too much candy.

I will try go get back in my blogging business, and I hope I still have some readers left. (helloooooo?)

Lets do a little picture re-cap of what I’ve been up to in between the candy eating and other stuff.

I’ve started a turquoise shawl, and the color is so way out of my color comfort zone, so I am not sure if I’ll keep this


I actually finished the five cowls, fifty days-kal. This is nr 3 I think, I am sending it to Finland, to someone who will love it more than I do.


I’ve started the ‘knit on the porch’season, then finished it, then started it again. It’s a little thing we like to call “you thought spring was on the way, sucker!” here in Norway



I got a new chair, or, well, I’m not sure if I did, but someone got a new chair!



I planted seeds! Lots of seeds. I should do a follow-up blog on that, cause things are growing. inside on the shelves for now though, this being Norway and all. (it was -6 celsius this morning)





I got a new phone! It’s a smart phone-touch phone thingy, and I am now so hooked on wordfeud that I don’t really have time to blog this. New smartphone of course means a fancy photo app so you can take pictures and make them look retro. I got a lomo app, here is some retroness for ya



yeah. that about sums it up.




and also; that big creature in the background there, who likes to think he is a chihuahua and can fit on those 3 free cm on the couch when I try to watc tv,  turned 11 years old last week. Yeh hurray, Emil!


please do

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