picture rambling

I was gonna do a blog post about a cardigan today. A cardigan I am really proud of, but that blog post takes a while to make, I need to find those boring knitting details like yardage, needle sizes and such, cause we knitters like those boring details. So I will just postpone that for later in the week, as I am too busy today. Instead I will just put some pics her instead, you can call it picture ramblings,cause I do.


its growing! this is just some of the stuff that’s growing in my window shelves right now. My shelves are occupied, as this is Norway (snowstorm yesterday,no kidding ) they will remain occupied for a while. All are made from seeds. (Look, mom, I can make purple basil!)





He turned 2 years old on friday. I was hoping someone would give him some social skills for his birthday, but nah.. oh well, we love you anyway, Hugo!




hello, i’m cute!


just kidding!



please do

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