O Canada

why knitters are the nicest people;

The thing is, I don’t knit socks, I never had,and I don’t really have any plans to start knitting them. I like the things I knit; the lace shawls, the mittens, the fingerless gloves, the cardigans and tops and sweater. I don’t really feel the need to take on a sock, I don’t feel the calling.

But still I had a lot of sock yarn, a whole big box of it! Of course I could knit shawls and fingerless mitts of it (and I am actually working on a cardigan now with some sock yarn) but most of my sock yarn was in colors I’m not really a huge fan of, cause most of my sock yarn has been given go me as gifts from people who thinks I knit socks. So what’s a girl to do? I put my yarn out for adoption. I said come trade with me, and they came, of course they did, knitters love a good bargain, knitters love yarn, sock knitters want sock yarn. So some of my yarn is going to Finland. Some sock yarn will move to the Great Britian. And yesterday I sent a big box across the atlantic, cause most of my sock yarn will move to Canada. There they will be taken good care of, by a nice lady who loves to knit socks. She likes lace too, so I know she’s a good person ;-) Doing a trade means you get something back, around the same value as the things you’re giving away. And earlier this week I got my trade goodies :-)

The pics are all cellphone pics and doesnt offer this lovely yarn any justice at all, but here is what I got.

I got the yarn River by Fleece Artist. I got two skeins in my favorite colors; grey (hey, don’t judge me!) and purple. River consists of 40% Alpaca, 30% Merino, 30% Silk, or just OMG SO SOFT, YUMNOM, OMG! as I like to call it. Seriously, its like a cloud, and I felt so bad for the clouds that had traveled so far, that I actually hang up the purple skein on the wall in my yarn room. (well hello there, I’m crazy yarn woman). I have a plan for the purple skein. The grey will live in a box and be a cuddle cloud for a while.

I also got real maple syrup (yup, I opened it right away, cause I hadn’t tried maple syrup before), maple syrup tea, and hickory sticks. (for my norwegian readers: it tastes like roasted/slightly burned taffel sticks, very yum!) I also got a postcard from the fostermom’s city, so I know where my sock yarn will be staying. Looks like a nice town. It has a fort!

Thanks for the trade, Tara!


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  1. I love this idea and it sounds as though I must get my hands on some Fleece Artist yarn!


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