FO shrug/cowl

This was my easter knit, and it made me fall in love with cables again.

The yarn, (wich I havent tried before) was a nice new acquaintance. Very airy, soft, and a joy to work with. I’m glad I bought too many skeins, so I can use it again. It’s the perfect yarn for cables.

The pattern is called Shawl hill, and if you head over here     you’ll find it.

I had troubles with the ribbing, and I had to re-do it 2-3 times before I was satisfied. If I’d make it again (and I think I will!) I’ll do one more pattern repeat. I didn’t know how much the yarn would stretch, but after soaking and blocking it turned out a little bit on the narrow side, so it’s a bit tight over my shoulders, but it works great as a cowl. I’ve been wearing it and I’ve gotten so many compliments :-)

I used the yarn Puno from Rauma,  wich is a bulky 12 ply yarn consisting of 68% alpaca (yum!) 22% nylon, and 10% merino. I used around 1,5 skeins.

I knitted it on 7mm needles, and I think the last ribbing I did was on 4,5 mm needles, but I am not sure.

it looks like this:






2 responses to this post.

  1. Love it! Will ahve to do some more cables soon but first some cotton/s ummer knit – nots omething I do often but I thought I should give it a go…..have so much yarn I guess I should use some of it.


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