FO cardigan

This has been done for a while (since march) so it’s about time I blog it. I am calling it the striped cardigan without stripes.

I modified this so much, but I will still give all the credit in the world to the designer, cause she did a great job, and without her pattern I wouldn’t be so inspired to make my own twist :)

The pattern is called Swinging striped cardigan and you can find it here:

I knitted mine with 220 wool from Cascade Yarns, I used around 3 skein of the beige yarn, and 1 skein of the green. I knitted the cardigan on 5 mm needles.

my modifications:

– I did cast on the same number of stitches as in the pattern, but I kept on making raglan decreases for a little longer than in the pattern,cause I wanted a looser version

– I did a garter bottom edge

– Making the sleeves longer, and also shaping them a bit; doing a k2tog k1 k2tog  at the end of row marker every 3 inches. When the sleeves was long enough I increased 7 stitches evenly and then did a k2,p2 rib.

– Making a garter button band with button holes for two buttons. I casted on 20 stitches on 5mm needles and knitted garter. I followed the pattern advice that said to sew on the band as you knit.

feel free to use my modifications! :-)

pics pics pics (all are click to enlarge)




































4 responses to this post.

  1. I really like this cardigan! Good job!


  2. That’s a great looking sweater. I’ve made 3 so far, all from the same pattern – pull overs. I really want to do a cardigan sometime. Love the two tone color.


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