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FO striped sweater

I’m rather boring when it comes to colors on anything thats not nailpolish, boring and picky. I prefer purple, grey, and beige. Sometimes I’ll do a little affair with red, a little hug with green, hold hands with orange. But I am mostly faithful to my grey, purple, and beige. So how I ended up making this sweater I don’t know. A moment of boldness combined with nostalgia maybe. I used to have something that reminded me of this sweater when i was younger. It was mostly black, but with some rainbow colors across the chest. I got the very colorful yarn in a yarn club and I had no idea what to do with it. I was planning on maybe giving it away, or knit a blanket for the cats, or something. But then I thought it might look good in stripes, and I had my favorite Abuelita 3ply in my favorite color, and then that moment of boldness came, and I started this sweater. It took a while to make, and I had some issues and had to re-do this and that, but all in all I really like this! Though the colors are wayyy out of my comfort zone, they are not too bad, I was afraid I will end up all HEY, LOOK AT ME, I AM A RAINBOW while wearing it, but its more like a hello, look at me, I dare to use some colors once in a while.

I’ll do the bombard you with pics part first, and then bore you with the details. (the handsome man in the pics is Hugo the cat)

the details

You can buy the pattern on Ravelry here

I used 4mm needles. The yarn is Abuelita Yarns Merino 3ply, and Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi. I used around 1,08 of the Abuelita, and around 2,3 skeins of the Mini Mochi.

copied from my pattern notes on Rav:

My changes:

  • no pockets
  • no cable cast on
  • on the rib on the sleeves I didn’t change to larger needle, nor did I double the stitch account, and I only did 2” of rib.
  • did the bottom rib as in pattern, but it was too flairy and large, I wanted a snugger rib, so I ripped back, and did it on 4mm needles, without changing to smaller needle or making more stitches.
  • after blocking the neckline was way too big, almost slipping of my shoulders, so I ripped, and re-did the neckline, gradually narrowing it down before the ribbing.

My opinion about the pattern: I think the shaping is a bit weird, but we all have different body types, and mine probably doesnt match this sweater. I did want a roomy sweater (so I can wear a thin sweater underneath it), so I made it one size larger than I usually wear, but still.. The arm shaping is a bit too much, I have rather skinny forearms, and the shaping on the arms was tight even on my arms.

so, whats your of of your comfort-zone colors?


DIY birdfeeder hanger


Go and find yourself some driftwood. Put a nail in it. Hang your birdfeeder on it. Voilla! This winter i dont have to stumble in deep snow to fill the feeder.


As I am impatiently waiting for yarn to arrive in the mail so I can make the pretty, awesome, timeless owl sweater, I come across this on twitter:

Now I want to make it more than ever, I might even sew on a tag that says Designed by Katie Davies.


Read it


Finishing this book in the sunshine. Have you read it? you really should. Its one of the best books i have read in a while.

Morning has broken