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FO purple shawl


I’ve really started to like the half circle shawls, I think half circle is the new triangle! It’s great for summer shawls, something to cover your shoulders but still showing your new summer dress off.  Summer is passing.
I enjoyed knitting this, it didn’t take long, and it was fun to do. I had never done a picot bind off before, never really liked the look, but now that I’ve done one I am starting to like it. The yarn was never tried before too, it was very smooth, and worked great with my cubics circular needles.

The pattern is from the spring + summer issue of this years Knitty, and you can find it here:

the yarn is Silkbloom Fino, made by BC Garn. It is a very wonderful blend of 55%merino and 45%silk.  the pictures are not kind to this color at all, the color is much more clear and vivid and richer and darker.










FO striped sweater

I’m rather boring when it comes to colors on anything thats not nailpolish, boring and picky. I prefer purple, grey, and beige. Sometimes I’ll do a little affair with red, a little hug with green, hold hands with orange. But I am mostly faithful to my grey, purple, and beige. So how I ended up making this sweater I don’t know. A moment of boldness combined with nostalgia maybe. I used to have something that reminded me of this sweater when i was younger. It was mostly black, but with some rainbow colors across the chest. I got the very colorful yarn in a yarn club and I had no idea what to do with it. I was planning on maybe giving it away, or knit a blanket for the cats, or something. But then I thought it might look good in stripes, and I had my favorite Abuelita 3ply in my favorite color, and then that moment of boldness came, and I started this sweater. It took a while to make, and I had some issues and had to re-do this and that, but all in all I really like this! Though the colors are wayyy out of my comfort zone, they are not too bad, I was afraid I will end up all HEY, LOOK AT ME, I AM A RAINBOW while wearing it, but its more like a hello, look at me, I dare to use some colors once in a while.

I’ll do the bombard you with pics part first, and then bore you with the details. (the handsome man in the pics is Hugo the cat)

the details

You can buy the pattern on Ravelry here

I used 4mm needles. The yarn is Abuelita Yarns Merino 3ply, and Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi. I used around 1,08 of the Abuelita, and around 2,3 skeins of the Mini Mochi.

copied from my pattern notes on Rav:

My changes:

  • no pockets
  • no cable cast on
  • on the rib on the sleeves I didn’t change to larger needle, nor did I double the stitch account, and I only did 2” of rib.
  • did the bottom rib as in pattern, but it was too flairy and large, I wanted a snugger rib, so I ripped back, and did it on 4mm needles, without changing to smaller needle or making more stitches.
  • after blocking the neckline was way too big, almost slipping of my shoulders, so I ripped, and re-did the neckline, gradually narrowing it down before the ribbing.

My opinion about the pattern: I think the shaping is a bit weird, but we all have different body types, and mine probably doesnt match this sweater. I did want a roomy sweater (so I can wear a thin sweater underneath it), so I made it one size larger than I usually wear, but still.. The arm shaping is a bit too much, I have rather skinny forearms, and the shaping on the arms was tight even on my arms.

so, whats your of of your comfort-zone colors?

FO shawl

You know the saying that goes something like ‘knit love in every stitch’? This shawl has hope in every stitch.

It’s the first time I knit a lace shawl for someone else, it’s the first time I knit a lace shawl for a friend. But my friend needed some hope, and I hope she notice all the hope and good thoughts that’s in this shawl.

(and I am so glad my friend loves purple or not neon pink ;-D )


the details

Pattern is called Little shells, and this is a Ravelry link to where you can find it:

I knitted mine with the yarn Sandens Garn alpakka. Its my first time knitting lace with this yarn. I think it sheaded too much, and it didn’t take blocking that well. Maybe I’m just being picky. I didn’t use much, a little over one skein. It’s knitted on 4mm needles of course, is there any other needle size? ;) Good pattern, easy to follow, a nice knit.
















FO cardigan

This has been done for a while (since march) so it’s about time I blog it. I am calling it the striped cardigan without stripes.

I modified this so much, but I will still give all the credit in the world to the designer, cause she did a great job, and without her pattern I wouldn’t be so inspired to make my own twist :)

The pattern is called Swinging striped cardigan and you can find it here:

I knitted mine with 220 wool from Cascade Yarns, I used around 3 skein of the beige yarn, and 1 skein of the green. I knitted the cardigan on 5 mm needles.

my modifications:

– I did cast on the same number of stitches as in the pattern, but I kept on making raglan decreases for a little longer than in the pattern,cause I wanted a looser version

– I did a garter bottom edge

– Making the sleeves longer, and also shaping them a bit; doing a k2tog k1 k2tog  at the end of row marker every 3 inches. When the sleeves was long enough I increased 7 stitches evenly and then did a k2,p2 rib.

– Making a garter button band with button holes for two buttons. I casted on 20 stitches on 5mm needles and knitted garter. I followed the pattern advice that said to sew on the band as you knit.

feel free to use my modifications! :-)

pics pics pics (all are click to enlarge)



































FO shrug/cowl

This was my easter knit, and it made me fall in love with cables again.

The yarn, (wich I havent tried before) was a nice new acquaintance. Very airy, soft, and a joy to work with. I’m glad I bought too many skeins, so I can use it again. It’s the perfect yarn for cables.

The pattern is called Shawl hill, and if you head over here     you’ll find it.

I had troubles with the ribbing, and I had to re-do it 2-3 times before I was satisfied. If I’d make it again (and I think I will!) I’ll do one more pattern repeat. I didn’t know how much the yarn would stretch, but after soaking and blocking it turned out a little bit on the narrow side, so it’s a bit tight over my shoulders, but it works great as a cowl. I’ve been wearing it and I’ve gotten so many compliments :-)

I used the yarn Puno from Rauma,  wich is a bulky 12 ply yarn consisting of 68% alpaca (yum!) 22% nylon, and 10% merino. I used around 1,5 skeins.

I knitted it on 7mm needles, and I think the last ribbing I did was on 4,5 mm needles, but I am not sure.

it looks like this:





The great cowl kal

I’m not sure how detailed I will write about this, I am afraid this can be a very long entry if I’ll write all details, but I also know that knitters like details, so if you’re not a knitter I suggest you just skip this one, or you might get very bored indeed.

I had never really done a kal with a deadline before, so I joined this cause I wanted to prove to myself that I could complete something. I also love cowls, so this seemed like the kal for me.


The details on patterns and how long we had (it was 5 cowls, 50 days) you can find here: and here

We got the first pattern free, then if we completed before the deadline we got the next one for free, and so on. If you want to make them you can buy them on Liz’s pattern page on rav, here:

I am proud that I finished them all on time, though I am a bit sick of cowls now ;) As for the organizing of the kal I think Liz did a great job, and I salute her for the time and effort she put in to this. that being said i I felt there was a bit too many errata coming along, especially considering she had test knitters. Some of the errors should have been easily picked up by a test knitter. it is a bit frustrating being in a pattern, then suddenly the errata comes, and you have to start over, or just end up with a weird-looking cowl. (as I did with number one)


here are my cowls:

nr 1 was called flurries. I knitted mine with Garnstudio Drops alpacca, on 3,5 and 5mm needles. I gave this to my step daughter







nr 2 is called A very good cowl indeed. I loved this one, the pattern had many options, i kept this for mee :) Its knitted on 4mm needles with Pickles pure alpaca yarn.




nr 3 is called Weeble wooble. I hated this. It was boring, never-ending, I got holes in my short row sections even though it was said that we wouldn’t get holes, and after soaking it turned out so huge i almost cried. A friend of mine in Finland came to the rescue, cause she really liked it (weird girl) and she will adopt it, and give it all the love I can’t provide. It is knitted on 3,5 mm needles, and I used Abuelita merino 3 ply, and Pickles baby merino.



nr 4. Liked this one, keeping this one! Funny to make, comfy to wear. it’s called perpetually persistent (i have no idea what that means) and I knitted it on 12 mm needles. (wowza! fun going from 3,5 to 12) I used Garnstudio drops Andes, great  yarn,  its like drops eskimo, but plied, and it has a bit alpacca in it to make it yum.




nr 5: Blueberry scowl is the name of this one. I felt this dragged out, but the pattern was interesting. I did a lot of changes to it though, and I am not sure if i will keep it or not. Knitted on 4,5 mm needles with Abuelita merino worsted.






FO cowls

I’ve gone cowl mad, its cowl frenzy, it’s cowl season, it’s just cowls! I am not kidding when I say I have enough FO cowls to do a FO week with just cowls. But I won’t, cause then you’d get bored, so I will just spread them. I am on cowl 3 in the “50 days, 5 cowls, kal” now, its very fun and challenging. I have made all the prev deadlines, so I am hoping to make this one too, even though this cowl is going super slow..

I did some knitting on my cardigan last week, and have now finished the body. I have high ambitions on finishing it during march, but there’s these cowls.. the cardigan wants two sleeves and a button band. I also just tripped in to two yarn stores on monday, (it happens!) and on monday starts a big yearly book sale here, that I can’t wait to trip in to :-D

but cowls, shall we. The girl is pass the age where I can knit her anything, and she’d wear it cause omg I am a knitting artist who makes stuff with yarn! Nope, very pass that age now. Such a pity. Now she was specific, very specific, she wanted a cowl, a scarf turned into cowl, it had to be white, it could not itch, it could not be tight, and it could not be thin, but not too thick either. Sigh.. well, Ravelry is my friend (bff) so we browsed,and browsed, and we found a pattern called Simplicity eternity scarf/cowl. The name is very apropriate, cause knitting it felt surely like an eternity! But it took around 3 weeks with on and off knitting.

pattern can be found here:

yarn: i used Trysil garn, wich is a alpaca-wool-acrylic blend, and is my go to yarn if I want to knit with cheap worsted yarn, its a good yarn, soft, good to work with. It’s knitted on 4.5 mm needles.

she has been wearing it every day since I made it, she wears it inside, outside, everywhere. It’s worth the eternity it took :-)










Then I wanted one too, but since I was a bit fed up with the pattern, and I’m a sucker for plain simple garter, I made one in garter. No pattern, cast on 35 stiches, knitted til I ran out of yarn. I had so much leftover Abuelita worsted merino (my go to worsted in the more expensive type yarns) from different projects, and this was a great stashbuster. I love it, and I actually didn’t have a plain garter cowl!5,5 mm needle, did not block it.