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DIY birdfeeder hanger


Go and find yourself some driftwood. Put a nail in it. Hang your birdfeeder on it. Voilla! This winter i dont have to stumble in deep snow to fill the feeder.


picture rambling

I was gonna do a blog post about a cardigan today. A cardigan I am really proud of, but that blog post takes a while to make, I need to find those boring knitting details like yardage, needle sizes and such, cause we knitters like those boring details. So I will just postpone that for later in the week, as I am too busy today. Instead I will just put some pics her instead, you can call it picture ramblings,cause I do.


its growing! this is just some of the stuff that’s growing in my window shelves right now. My shelves are occupied, as this is Norway (snowstorm yesterday,no kidding ) they will remain occupied for a while. All are made from seeds. (Look, mom, I can make purple basil!)





He turned 2 years old on friday. I was hoping someone would give him some social skills for his birthday, but nah.. oh well, we love you anyway, Hugo!




hello, i’m cute!


just kidding!


honey, I’m hooome



I am back! Did anyone miss me?

My laptop died (I squeezed it to death.. don’t ask) and I was without a laptop for over 3 weeks. Thats like 40 years in laptop-addicted-person years. Just saying.

I’ve also been busy doing stuff like getting used to live a lactose free life (can someone just come up with a decent tasting chocolate thats not dark? seriosyly? and lactose free cheese doodles would be nice, plz!) and political campaigning. (I’m in the local council now, yey me. I wonder if one can knit during the meetings?) and sitting on the floor in my new yarn room. (I do that a lot, like disturbingly much, just sitting on the floor, staring at my stash, maybe cuddle some yarn. I call it meditation, you are free to call it with a diagnosis or a disorder)

things are still pretty busy around here now, but I will try to blog more often. Next week I’ll blog about the books I read this summer, cause I actually managed to read those 3 books I said I was gonna read. yey me.

And also, fall is here, autumn, and you know what that means: its “wear your knits-season!!” squeeeeel!

I’m gonna go and watch a movie now, with my man. We are having a crappy movie night. A crappy movie night is when you’ve had a exausting week and your brain needs to watch something that requiers very little focus, aka a crappy movie, a romantic comedy with a predictable end. I’ve downloaded Friends with benefits, cause I’ve heard you see Justin Timberlakes behind in it. (omg, nekkid Justin!)

oh, and also: I made cucumbers from scratch for the first time: