Hello from the porch

Hello ignored blog. As you can see i am very busy.



FO shawl

You know the saying that goes something like ‘knit love in every stitch’? This shawl has hope in every stitch.

It’s the first time I knit a lace shawl for someone else, it’s the first time I knit a lace shawl for a friend. But my friend needed some hope, and I hope she notice all the hope and good thoughts that’s in this shawl.

(and I am so glad my friend loves purple or not neon pink ;-D )


the details

Pattern is called Little shells, and this is a Ravelry link to where you can find it: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-shells

I knitted mine with the yarn Sandens Garn alpakka. Its my first time knitting lace with this yarn. I think it sheaded too much, and it didn’t take blocking that well. Maybe I’m just being picky. I didn’t use much, a little over one skein. It’s knitted on 4mm needles of course, is there any other needle size? ;) Good pattern, easy to follow, a nice knit.


















Just downloaded the wp app. Testing testing

FO cardigan

This has been done for a while (since march) so it’s about time I blog it. I am calling it the striped cardigan without stripes.

I modified this so much, but I will still give all the credit in the world to the designer, cause she did a great job, and without her pattern I wouldn’t be so inspired to make my own twist :)

The pattern is called Swinging striped cardigan and you can find it here: http://ratdogknits.wordpress.com/2009/08/11/stripes-and-stripes-and-stripes-minimalist-ish/

I knitted mine with 220 wool from Cascade Yarns, I used around 3 skein of the beige yarn, and 1 skein of the green. I knitted the cardigan on 5 mm needles.

my modifications:

– I did cast on the same number of stitches as in the pattern, but I kept on making raglan decreases for a little longer than in the pattern,cause I wanted a looser version

– I did a garter bottom edge

– Making the sleeves longer, and also shaping them a bit; doing a k2tog k1 k2tog  at the end of row marker every 3 inches. When the sleeves was long enough I increased 7 stitches evenly and then did a k2,p2 rib.

– Making a garter button band with button holes for two buttons. I casted on 20 stitches on 5mm needles and knitted garter. I followed the pattern advice that said to sew on the band as you knit.

feel free to use my modifications! :-)

pics pics pics (all are click to enlarge)




































Lets talk about perks, shall we, and let’s think about perks, we should be better at that, at perking. (yeah, so I know that’s not a word..)

Okay, perks about growing up in the 90’s is of course that we could wear t-shirts like this:


well yes of course I’ve saved it! Like I can throw Brandon Walsh away just like that. Nah-ah! Brandon <3

(I’ve always wondered who was on team Steve..)

Perks about my job (beside from ca saving the world, eating injera regularly and speaking english) is that I get to arrange flea markets!

I did not buy this lamp, but I soo wanted to


I did buy this book though, mostly because of the title


Perks about my 93-year-old grandmother visiting is of course that we get tipsy on booze







Perks about the place I live










Perks about my neighbors; they look like this!








Perks about our national day: fancy clothing and fancy dessert



(I made that dessert!)








Perks about him putting up with me for 8 years:








perks about the thing called summer that we get for one week once in a while here in Norway:





(home-made; tropical nectar + raspberries + freezer = yum)





perks about having 4 cats; there’s always someone who will cuddle



FO shrug/cowl

This was my easter knit, and it made me fall in love with cables again.

The yarn, (wich I havent tried before) was a nice new acquaintance. Very airy, soft, and a joy to work with. I’m glad I bought too many skeins, so I can use it again. It’s the perfect yarn for cables.

The pattern is called Shawl hill, and if you head over here     http://twolittleplums.wordpress.com/2011/09/25/shaw-hill/     you’ll find it.

I had troubles with the ribbing, and I had to re-do it 2-3 times before I was satisfied. If I’d make it again (and I think I will!) I’ll do one more pattern repeat. I didn’t know how much the yarn would stretch, but after soaking and blocking it turned out a little bit on the narrow side, so it’s a bit tight over my shoulders, but it works great as a cowl. I’ve been wearing it and I’ve gotten so many compliments :-)

I used the yarn Puno from Rauma,  wich is a bulky 12 ply yarn consisting of 68% alpaca (yum!) 22% nylon, and 10% merino. I used around 1,5 skeins.

I knitted it on 7mm needles, and I think the last ribbing I did was on 4,5 mm needles, but I am not sure.

it looks like this:





O Canada

why knitters are the nicest people;

The thing is, I don’t knit socks, I never had,and I don’t really have any plans to start knitting them. I like the things I knit; the lace shawls, the mittens, the fingerless gloves, the cardigans and tops and sweater. I don’t really feel the need to take on a sock, I don’t feel the calling.

But still I had a lot of sock yarn, a whole big box of it! Of course I could knit shawls and fingerless mitts of it (and I am actually working on a cardigan now with some sock yarn) but most of my sock yarn was in colors I’m not really a huge fan of, cause most of my sock yarn has been given go me as gifts from people who thinks I knit socks. So what’s a girl to do? I put my yarn out for adoption. I said come trade with me, and they came, of course they did, knitters love a good bargain, knitters love yarn, sock knitters want sock yarn. So some of my yarn is going to Finland. Some sock yarn will move to the Great Britian. And yesterday I sent a big box across the atlantic, cause most of my sock yarn will move to Canada. There they will be taken good care of, by a nice lady who loves to knit socks. She likes lace too, so I know she’s a good person ;-) Doing a trade means you get something back, around the same value as the things you’re giving away. And earlier this week I got my trade goodies :-)

The pics are all cellphone pics and doesnt offer this lovely yarn any justice at all, but here is what I got.

I got the yarn River by Fleece Artist. I got two skeins in my favorite colors; grey (hey, don’t judge me!) and purple. River consists of 40% Alpaca, 30% Merino, 30% Silk, or just OMG SO SOFT, YUMNOM, OMG! as I like to call it. Seriously, its like a cloud, and I felt so bad for the clouds that had traveled so far, that I actually hang up the purple skein on the wall in my yarn room. (well hello there, I’m crazy yarn woman). I have a plan for the purple skein. The grey will live in a box and be a cuddle cloud for a while.

I also got real maple syrup (yup, I opened it right away, cause I hadn’t tried maple syrup before), maple syrup tea, and hickory sticks. (for my norwegian readers: it tastes like roasted/slightly burned taffel sticks, very yum!) I also got a postcard from the fostermom’s city, so I know where my sock yarn will be staying. Looks like a nice town. It has a fort!

Thanks for the trade, Tara!